After Afghanistan is China, Women to be Liberated by USA

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Nothing is Spared to Push the Negative Button on China

Criticism of China is spreading from Tech Semiconductor to Social Platforms and now to Social Gender Issues.

All Islamic Countries were often criticized for their handling and positioning of women at the social and political scale and now it is the turn of China to feel such heated debate and questioning.

Intention and suggestion for change and progress are always welcomed for the better life condition of all humans and the first place women are one of the sources of life and the fundamental pillar in 

The backlash against the women echoes attacks by online nationalists against foreign female journalists of ethnic Chinese origin working for Western news organizations. 

The criticism mostly targeted two women who posted about their experience meeting US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen on Saturday. PHOTO: AFP

The criticism mainly targeted two women who posted about their experience on social media: Ms. Liu Qian, The Economist Group’s managing director for Greater China, and author Hao Jingfang, who previously worked for the China Development Research Foundation, which is managed by a branch of the State Council.  

“There’s no such thing as a free meal,” wrote international politics professor Shen Yi from Fudan University, who has over two million followers on the platform. “They’ll need to deliver KPIs in exchange,” he added, using the acronym for key performance indicators, implying the women would have to give something to the US government. 

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US Treasury chief Yellen kicks off China visit with hardly any optimism in the air | The Straits Times

The US seeks healthy economic competition and better communication with China, she tweeted soon after her arrival.

During her four-day trip to Beijing to stabilize ties with America’s biggest rival, the Chinese government exclusively put forward male officials to meet the first woman to run the US Treasury, according to publicly available information.

Dr. Yellen told the women: “I see it all the time when I’m almost the only woman in the room. I’m sure many of you have that same experience at decision-making tables.”

Dr. Yellen’s exchange with women economists and entrepreneurs telegraphed the importance she places on female representation in elite decision-making.

The US Treasury said in a statement after Dr. Yellen’s meeting: “Women’s participation in the workforce is one of the major drivers of creating inclusive growth.

“Women’s contributions to economics, in particular, are important to help ensure that economic research and policymaking appropriately reflect society’s priorities.”

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