Conference on North Sahara and South Sahara Africa – US Department of Commerce – San Francisco – California

International Conference on Africa


Conférence Internationale sur l’Afrique a Claremont Hotel, Berkeley, California, USA

International Conference on Africa, Berkeley, California, USA

Since my early studies at Institut des Etudes Politiques of the Grenoble University, the development and integration of Africa were at the forefront of my studies and topics of my presentations in seminaries and essay-papers. It was natural that I continue to work and increase the awarness about Africa and its needs of establishing new kind of relations with other countries other than the past metropolitan and colonialists.

Here below among other pictures, there is a photo taken in company with the Regretted Dr. Babacar Ndiaye, former CEO of the African Development Bank Group who hold firmly my hand and is standing at my left side.

On my right hand is Dr. Faheem Director of the Center for International Trade Development, on the other left side and holding my hand is Dr. Boubacar N’diaye, Chairman of the African Development Bank from 1985 to 1995 and honorary chairman of the same institution (Rest in Peace among the Blessed ones, Ameen)

I initiated and developed a workplan on the organization of The International Conference on Africa took place in 2001. The first time in the history of the Bay Area of San Francisco and North California to have a conference of such magnitude and subject. that I submitted to Fazale Sharif the Director of the EBCITD which I was the initiator and for which I and participated directly in its organization. I contacted and invited Dr. Babacar Ndiaye and in the following photo, event / photo took place is during an International Conference on Africa I had organized in Oakland, California and of which Dr. Babacar Ndiaye, Rahimahu Allah was our Guest of Honor.

Here below are listed links which content present among others some illustrations of my activities in regard to the Integration of Africa with which I was directly involved, including the facilitation of the signing of the Free Trade Agreement between the United States and Morocco.

For many among us, time flies through horizons without leaving traces on recognition and gratitude on what we have achieved for the good for others especially in my case not be born in the United States but I remain up to now the maker of differences between cultures and the guardian of the memories I cherish and remember through my meetings and interactions with the real treasuries of the Humanity.

The second link below presents “The ADB honors its former president, the late Babacar Ndiaye:

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