China: From Manufacturing Giant Factory to World Manufacturing Powerhouse

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US – China: – From Trump to Biden – Trade Wars and Tech Wars

Analysts generally point to Made in China 2025, Beijing’s 10-year blueprint for transforming the country from a “manufacturing giant into a world manufacturing power”, as the trigger for the tech war – only it was a delayed reaction on the part of the US, which was preoccupied with the 2016 presidential election campaign when MIC 2025 was announced in 2015.

After Donald Trump won the White House, China hawks like trade advisor Peter Navarro and Senator Marco Rubio referred to MIC 2025 as a “brazen” example of the Chinese government flouting international trade rules by giving state subsidies to its tech industry.   As trade tensions mount between the U.S. and China, the U.S. semiconductor industry fears a tech cold war could disrupt the global supply chain. Now companies on both sides of the Pacific are trying to develop strategies to mitigate risk — whether it’s hoarding supplies or looking at shifting the location of production facilities.

Biden signs bill to boost U.S. chips, compete with China
President Joe Biden on Tuesday, Aug 9, 2022 signed a landmark bill to provide $52.7 billion in subsidies for U.S. semiconductor production and research and to boost efforts to make the United States more competitive with China’s science and technology efforts.
“The future is going to be made in America,” Biden said, calling the measure “a once-in-a-generation investment in America itself.”

China and Said El Mansour Cherkaoui

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China and Said El Mansour Cherkaoui

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