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European Commission

European Commission 1,558,024 followers 4h • 4 hours ago

Putin is not interested in peace.
Putin is only interested in escalating the aggression.

The partial mobilisation and the referenda is another sign of his desperation at how the aggression against Ukraine is going.

And it’s not only an attack against Ukraine. This is an attack on the core principles of the United Nations Charter and an attack against every peace loving country that subscribe to the principles of international law and independence of the nations.

— Peter Stano, European Commission Spokesperson for the external affairs


advancing and continuing his destructive war, which had already so many bad consequences

Spokesperson for the external affairs Peter Stano on Ukaine

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Neil Singh 2nd degree connection2nd🌍 Int’l Business Executive (dealmaker- alliances- relationship): strategic business development, sourcing and exports 🤝


With all due respect, the only meaningful steps that you have expediently taken so far, is to condemn the Russian leadership, impose punitive sanctions to cripple their Economy?!
We have not seen any constructive engagement nor your political influence to push for peace talks, please?
Is there is any inclination to robustly push for a negotiated settlement and halt hostilities, death and destruction? 😞
In who’s benefit is a proxy protracted war?
Is there any interest to bring to justice those responsible for the atrocities committed against the ethnic minorities in the Donbass, since 2014?
Is there a political will to rise above the hate and provocation, take reconciliatory steps to broker much needed peace, stability and coexistence? 🤔 😐

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Jeffrey Yanalunas out of network3rd+Sales Manager at TungsteMet

So true

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NATO is the aggressor and corrupt to the core

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Adam Golański out of network3rd+Senior Business Developer @ Liki

in the game of great powers, there are just players with different goals.

And dying people – dying for the “dulce et decorum” propaganda.

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Plenty of sudden flights bookings are visible right now…by Russians who don’t wants to participate to this foolish project.

Poutine is isolated more than ever and also in it’s own country.

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Six Months On, Most Russians Still Back the War in Ukraine

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And you instead, are interested in peace and the proofs of it is just to arm one of the battling parties and to isolate the other. The EU stance – alongside the US – is one of the motives because the war is still raging, fueling one country and demonizing the other. As bad as Erdogan might be as a leader, he is the only one so far who has been trying to broke a deal and to mediate between the two sides. And I am not a fan of him. EU through the couple of douche bags who are running the show couldnt achieve anything substantial for anybody exept for sanctions, weapons deliveries, economic damages for the EU members. Worst leadership EU has seen since its inception.

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Cliff R. 2nd degree connection2ndBusiness analyst / Project manager

They are in full crisis control spin now, priceless

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Servet Sahin 2nd degree connection2ndPolicy Advisor, Member of Board and Treasurer at Association for the Study of EthnoGeoPolitics (EGP)

There is no every peace loving country…😜😂

Arthur Rivas out of network3rd+Traducteur chinois-français – 汉法英法翻译-精通中文- 自由职业者

everyone involved will be held responsible for their decisions, on all sides. Be sure history’s judgement will be impartial

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Matt Johnston out of network3rd+Writer, Polymath, Troubleshooter, Adventurer

History has never been impartial. What makes you think it will start now?

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Pedro Goncalves 2nd degree connection2ndConsultant DDR

“….The core principles of the United Nations Charter…” were probably very much a value when a legitimate ruler of an independent country was hanged in Irak during US watch. Stop the hipocrisy, you are just a bunch of selfish greedy low level politicians. WE NEED REAL STATEMANSHIP TO BRING PEACE.

Madeline O’Brien MSc out of network3rd+Technology Management Research (Self-employed)

EU propaganda again
Irexit irexit irexit irexit irexit
Ye failed to sit at the table in the beginning
Ye failed to help people
Ye failed and continue to fail.
How do you measure yourself?
By your failure’s
EU Propaganda
Irexit irexit irexit

Michele D. out of network3rd+Global Leader | P&L Management | Operations | R&D and Sustaining Engineering | Manufacturing | Aerospace | Oil&Gas and Industrial Turbomachinery | Automotive

Likewise, it seems to me that EU is not interested in peace.
EU seems only interested in escalating the aggression, or are we doing something to de-escalate?
Glory to Ukraine!

Nelson B Chukwunyere out of network3rd+Crude oil trading and global management consulting firm and the world’s leading advisor on business strategies

Putin is interested in a peace talk solution but Ukraine’s corrupt politicians and government are not interested in the peace talk because they want more billions of dollars, Euros, and pounds pouring into their pockets. EU and U.S. should officially, sincerely and openly call for peaceful solutions. If putin refused then

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rita brugnone out of network3rd+Marketing Communication presso ALEXALA -GLOBALCOM srl

Ma l’Europa a parte mandare armi cosa fa !!??

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Mahmoud Amar out of network3rd+Certified Events Professional | A visionary thought leader

LoL , you act like you selling peace and they refuse! Come on give me a break from laughing 🙂

CHRISTOS KARLETTIDES out of network3rd+Work & study Accountant Business Administrator at self employed


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Maybe he dislikes the nationalization of gas imports of europes biggest economy and former customer, bounding that mentioned nation further to US imports. Its citizens are paying the friendly price to the Americans, well done, congrats.

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Ari Hämäläinen out of network3rd+Cybersecurity Engineer

The communist party of the former Soviet Union is alive and well. Did the EU not see these events coming?

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Adam Golański out of network3rd+Senior Business Developer @ Liki

No one was interested in peace for a long time, and neither was Europe. Wars break out of historical necessity, but the truth is that modern politicians in the West no longer read Hegel, at most they repeat tabloid-level slogans.

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Vanessa Sabrina Djaffar 2nd degree connection2ndPh.D | Defense & Diplomacy | International Cooperation

Only tell me , Who is/are interested in peace ?
At least I can text them rapidly

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Mihai Damian out of network3rd+Opinions expressed are solely my own | IT Leadership ✯ IT Pro in Hospitality

You are not interested in peace either … your actions speak for themselves

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Put-in is not the prob-lème. #freepalestine

Lewis Sophie Jane out of network3rd+A.F.A (Ateliers de Formation Architecturale) Paris 19

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Andrei I. Cursaru out of network3rd+Political Officer / Attaché (JPD) at EU Delegation to Moldova | Founder at Centre for Youth and International Studies (CYIS)

The tactics used by the #Kremlin in #Ukraine are a clear example of ‘hybrid warfare’ tools. Russian hybrid warfare shows continuity with both the goals & tactics of Soviet intelligence services used during the Cold War & Russia military interventions from 1991 onwards in #Moldova

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Dr. Paul Smith(Smithy) out of network3rd+Research Scientist | Greenhouse Gases, R, Python | Stengthening understating of climate change with data

So let’s get rid of him then. Even if that means him and his robbing cronies are allowed to leave Russia on a jet with their stolen money. Russians and Ukrainians have suffered enough .

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Matt Johnston out of network3rd+Writer, Polymath, Troubleshooter, Adventurer

Mad Dogs don’t back down until you call their bluff

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Gunnar G.(He/Him) out of network3rd+customer service agent

Woe to us, the mad man may try to unleash fury upon the world. Woe to the world for the devastation if he manages to achieve his plans. Woe to the inhabitants in russia and it’s allies.

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Anton Monaienko out of network3rd+National academy of legal science of Ukraine

he is interesred only in his false goals covering of protecting russia’s sovereignty

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European Commission – here! here!like

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