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The Structure of Power in Iran


Iran’s complex political system combines elements of a modern Islamic theocracy with democracy. It depends which interpretation and definition of democracy is to be. The whole Iranian system operates under a Supreme Leader who is, in theory, appointed by an elected body but is in practice answerable to no-one. The key question is how this system develops in the ongoing struggle between reformists and conservatives. It is also a political experiment and its performance is keenly watched by secularists and Islamists elsewhere in the Muslim world.

On the other side, Iran is considered by the western analysts as an Islamic theocracy and monolithic exercise of power that one man, the Supreme Leader, exerts ideological and political control over a system dominated by religious – clerics who shadow every major function of the state.

Iran, also called Persia, and officially the Islamic Republic of Iran, is a country in Western Asia. Wikipedia


PresidentEbrahim Raisi

Supreme leaderAli Khamenei

Population: 83.99 million (2020) World Bank

Currency: Iranian rial

Official language: Persian

Government: Theocracy, Parliamentary system, Unitary state, Presidential system, Islamic republic

While Western governments welcomed the election of Mohammad Khatami — a forward-thinking cleric known for his moderate views — to the presidency in 1997 (and again in 2001), there are areas of the Iranian power structure over which he has virtually no control, including the armed services. Read more on this.

The Whole Iran Episode is not about Religion, it is a Script about Power in the Middle East

The whole script of the Middle East written by Western States can be qualified as the 1000 and 1000 Lies and deceits written and acted by the western nations and powers.

This is a power struggle and geo-political arm wrestling and has nothing to do with Religion at all.

It is all about money at the end of the day.

Cheers with Middle Eastern Oil

People remains the ones who pays the “douloureuse” the tab without having read the menu, without having knowledge about the ingredients, without having place the order, without even have been in the place, it is a delivery of madness to the step of their doors and they have to pay for it, and here in this example of this young girl, with their life.

While the address where all these goodies are delivered remains the residence of the rulers and their allies and the ones who configure the social base of their powers.

Religion has nothing to do with this, it is social class and power struggle and fights.

Iran’s army threatened violence against widespread and growing anti-regime protests sparked by the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini as the country’s president arrived home following a trip to the United Nations.

“The army is ready to defend the security and interests of the Iranian nation against the conspiracies of the enemies,” said the army’s statement.

We do not have to forget that such interference of internal interests conflict is reflected in the role played by the various factions that came and hold the power of decisions in Iran with the common goal and denominator that Iran has not really acted against Israel the best ally of the US in the region, Iran has never fought directly against the US in the Middle East, they helped Syria but against Sunny Muslims which what they did to help the US within Iraq and in all the Middle East.

Iran has served the interests of the West and the United States and has never served any Islamic interests.

The West returns the favors to Iran through conversations and negotiations on the nuclear while for Saddam Hussein, his attempt to build such operation were completely turned in rubles by Israel air raid.

By the way, who is now controlling Iraq?

We can multiply the examples how Iran is cajoled by the West to keep the fighting force against Muslim Sunni. Iran is the local counter-balance of the weak forces that are put on the scale of the Middle East. Iran played the role of balancing the forces present on the territory but in position of weakness and relative dependency toward external forces for its own survival.

In Catholicism, we have Lace Catholic Veil Church Veil Chapel Veil Head Covering Latin Mass.

The question is not covering the head, it is more about covert actions that destroyed Heads of Foreign States and Antagonistic Interests.

Iran is the best ally of the West in the space where Sunni Islam is the dominant religion and believe orientation.

Iran has never done any action, military speaking against the interests of the West in the Region.

Iran has always supplied the west with the needed energy.

BAZZAR BIZZARE: The Bazzarists Metamorphosed in Heads of State

The mullahs who have the power in Iran, are the ones that Ford and Giscard have allowed and helped to take power from the Chah. They were Bazzarist selling goods in the Bazaar of Tehran while Khomeini was taken to France out of Bagdad where he was in exile for 18 years.

If Iran was a foe and all this mic mac on nuclear power building, a long time ago, their facilities would be turned in Rubble like it happened for Iraq, completely destroyed by the Israeli air force.

Between Israel and Iran is only do you believe in the Holocaust or not? 

No military action, just enough to give a sense that there is animosity in the air while no flying jet fighters or drones are in the air.   Cheap polemic to keep the minds focused on past to forget the present.  Iran has never lift a finger for the problem of the Palestinians in Israel and have always kept a low profile.  Iran has never declared or denounced the treatment of the Sacred Dome in Jerusalem or the attacks that Palestinians are subjects to in the Dome or in their lands, homes and lives.

While, these Bazzarists didn’t forget their origins and roots, once in power they started trading, selling and barter oil, they still in the Bazaar mentality that these Mullahs of Iran barter oil for gravestones from South Korea.

Within what we called “Arab Spring” Iran was not disturbed as happened in all the Middle East, remember Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Yemen, Soudan, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia and lesser degree Lebanon.

Iraq was completely depleted of its own strengths, it used to be the place of the most educated people in the Arab and the Real Islamic World and check now how illiteracy, ignorance and uneducated population is the dominant weakening force in this country. In the past, Iraq use to be the land for the immigration for the Arabs and Sunni Muslims from all around the world.

 Iraq was offered in a gold plate to Iran

“Meanwhile, the Iraqi civil war sparked after the 2003 US-led invasion had a brutally sectarian cast to it, and the pseudo-democracy that emerged afterward empowered the Shia majority (with some heavy-handed help from Washington) at the expense of the Sunni minority.

The two groups don’t trust one another and so far have competed in what they see as a zero-sum game for control over Iraqi political institutions. In 2013, Shias used to have control over the police force to arbitrarily detain Sunni protestors demanding more representation in government.

So long as Shias control the government, and Sunnis don’t feel that they’re fairly represented, ISIS has an audience for its radical Sunni message. That’s an important part of how the group built up support in Iraq’s heavily Sunni northwest.” 

“ISIS is merely the most recent in a parade of horrible groups, Shiite and Sunni, religious and secular, murderous and even more murderous, to which we have been introduced through the years. They sometimes are our friends, though secretly helping the other side, or they are sworn enemies of the imperialist aggressor (that is, us), but still secretly taking bribes from the C.I.A.” Source

Labeling the ISIS as a terrorist organization was also a leverage for the US to impose its presence and protection to the Shia Government of Iraq who is willing to accept the US proposed help on security against the Islamic State:

January 12, 2014

After years of failing to heed U.S. advice to broaden his outreach to Iraq’s Sunni minority and to accept more U.S. counterterrorism assistance, Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki now appears ready to listen, according to senior Obama administration officials.

As an incipient sectarian war between Maliki’s Shiite-led government and al-Qaeda-linked Sunni extremists has boiled, the Obama administration has moved to rush additional arms and intelligence to Iraq, much of which Maliki had previously rejected.

“We had to get to zero in order to build back up a real security relationship,” said one senior official, who described a new level of cooperation following the wilderness years after U.S. troops left Iraq in 2011. Iraqis “didn’t really believe they would get their sovereignty back. . . . They had to test it, and then figure out [they] actually need” the assistance.”

To overthrow Assad of Syria, the Western powers had to use this stratagem, dividing Iraq to create a space for recruiting Sunnis in Iraq which can reduce the resistance and the opposition of the Iraqi Sunnis to the plan to give Iraq to the control of Iran while installing a government in Baghdad that will be pro-Iran and pro-West without the threat of the Sunni that are the reminiscence of the Saddam Hussein Regime.

The U.S. Secretary of State Standing in the Middle of the Changing Guard in the Middle East

Where is the Islamic Caliphate and the Islamic State, where is Al Qaeda?

The rest of the countries, including Iran, took a booster of the vaccine; they were not even put in quarantine.

More, Iran participated in putting together the logistics for the Islamic State that was a creation of the Arab Spring to the benefit of whom?

Oussama Bin Laden was an agent of the West financed by Saudi Arabia the Land of his Mother, Pakistan, and Western Liberal Nation and was given all the weapons needed to recruit Islamic fighters and to train the Taliban and made of them fighters with western made weapons, including the Stringers to expel the Soviet Union from Afghanistan. Once the Mission Accomplished, he was not paid in terms of the promises made either to the Taliban and both became foes.

Ben Laden even served as reason to overthrew other regimes and was used as scarecrow to manipulate other states using fears and insecurity along national interests to destroy or to impose military presence or military control of the sacred territories. The Islamic State was then the complement of such tactics and geo-strategic approach that worked in defining the new rules, terms and conditions of globalization and the integration of former Third World Nations in the global market, financial, economic, trade and even military alliances and regional partnerships.

Once all this has been achieved, all the ingredients of fears started to crumble and fell like the domino effects, so the containment strategy of the Cold War was put upside down to reach the slogan of “Mission Accomplished”

AS IS I SEE ISIS IN mISsion accomplIShed


Now we are back to the future, the politics of containment is the responsibility of the NATO and the European Union Members states which have resulted in aggravating their relationships with Russia who felt strategically surrounded facing a new threat at the doorsteps of its own western frontiers.

Russia was then pushed to the limit of condescended, it is not by chance that just after the meeting between Biden and Poutine, Russia launched its forces against Ukraine and called it Special Operations.

In the Russia – Ukraine Conflict, are there religious reasons or problems?

Ukraine continues to receive support from all the Western nations of Europe and the United States and its allies around the world.

Lies and deceits are the fashions to carry such load of antagonism and sanctions against Russia.

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