Digital Made in Morocco: Écosystème, Économie du Savoir et Industrie Automobile

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Deuxième Partie: Digital Made in Morocco: Économie du Savoir et Changement Industriel

L‘analyse présente est faite en 2 parties: – … Continuer de lire

More you hear it, More Noise will come from it!

Silence ! On tourne ! Action !

Time is the Essence of Action !

Time of the Transfer of Know-How and Technology is no more of the present.

“Chacun pour soi et Dieu pour Tous” as we used to say in France

Protecting the Technology is becoming identical to Protecting the Strategic Business Discoveries and Preventing Breach of National Interest.

No more to expect “Outsourcing” as the driven force of Globalization.

No more to expect either the “Flying Goose” applied by Japan toward providing South East Asia with “Technology Running out of speed and advances.”

The Redeployment for the sake of relatively more affordable “cheaper labor and infrastructural cost” is no longer in fashion.  Robotics allied to Artificial Intelligence transformed the logistics as a link in the supply chain management without having to be a delocalized or localized unit of production.   Centralized decision-making hosted the Research and Development, the Design of prototypes and the innovation in the manufacturing, operational and specification as well as the utility of the final products.

No more strategic partnership or strategic alliances between companies from two different nationalities

Time is now to keep and protect even relatively overtaken / outdated and leveled technology by competitors.  A preventive move given that it can be updated, reinvented and used as a new platform to launch more advanced versions ! 

The crashed and recuperated drones in foreign territory have allowed the creation, the production and the sales of new and more sophisticated versions by countries who did not even have a school on avionics.

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