United Kingdom: Rich Rishi “Heavens” Sunak, Boris “Boxer” Johnson and Liz Truss Lost Trust

In the case of Truss demise, it is the political that had imploded and have eroded the foundations for building economic strategy with social allure, priority and objectives.

When the political will is diminishing, the effect is that the economics became weak and vulnerable to local, regional and external influences and challenges.

The Brexit was the beginning of the end for the economics as the driving force of the British Government and the politics became the unifying slogan for the conservators. The loss of Europe by the United Kingdom had demonstrated and revealed the lack of alternatives or substitutes in parallel to the unpreparedness of the Labour and the Tory parties to face this sudden desertification of the British economy.

The United Kingdom became an arena without borders or protective barriers, a sort of an open mill without guardians.

Very Rich Rishi Sunak Conservative MP for Richmond (Yorks)

The political model for Rich Rishi Sunak is Margaret Thatcher given that as he claims it for himself she is also a Daughter of Store owner. According to his own narratives, keeping updating the books at the store of his Mother, he had learned the value of small business and how to run a business while giving value to the entrepreneurs.

Man of the International Finance Arena drove on the speedy Freeway Enterprising with a Fortune Dot not Dot Come and Dot Gone, but a real and heavy Marriage Dot that came to him during his studies at Stanford University, “where he met his future wife, Akshata Murthy, daughter of Narayana Murthy, an Indian billionaire and cofounder of technology giant Infosys.  Rich Rishi Sunak was also a Fulbright Scholar at Stanford University. After graduating, Sunak worked for Goldman Sachs and later as a partner at the hedge fund firms The Children’s Investment Fund Management and Theleme Partners. Sunak’s success in business and his wife’s 0.91 percent stake in Infosys, the couple began to amass a considerable fortune, which would be estimated at about £730 million ($877 million) in 2022 by The Sunday Times. (Some sources estimated Akshata Murthy’s net worth at as much as £1 billion [$1.2 billion].)”

Rich Rishi “Heavens” Sunak and Boris “Boxer” Johnson: Race against the Clock for the Golden Key of 10 Downing

I grew up watching my parents serve our local community with dedication. My dad was an NHS family GP and my mum ran her own local chemist shop. I wanted to make that same positive difference to people as their Member of Parliament and I was first elected to represent this wonderful constituency in 2015 and re-elected in 2017 and 2019. I live in Kirby Sigston, just outside Northallerton. 

I have been fortunate to enjoy a successful business career. I co-founded a large investment firm, working with companies from Silicon Valley to Bangalore. Then I used that experience to help small and entrepreneurial British companies grow successfully. From working in my mum’s tiny chemist shop to my experience building large businesses, I have seen first-hand how politicians should support free enterprise and innovation to ensure our future prosperity.

My parents sacrificed a great deal so I could attend good schools. I was lucky to study at Winchester College, Oxford University and Stanford University. That experience changed my life and as a result I am passionate about ensuring everybody has access to a great education. I have been a school governor, a board member of a large youth club, and have always volunteered my time to education programmes that spread opportunity.

Letter from the U.K.: The Hypocrisy of Rishi Sunak’s “North London” Slur

LIVE: New British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak takes questions in parliament | … By Reuters


“Having this week received the keys to 10 Downing Street—and to Chequers, the sixteenth-century manor house in Buckinghamshire that is put at the disposal of the Prime Minister and his or her family—Sunak himself has more places of residence than he knows what to do with. He has his own manor house already, in the countryside in his constituency of Richmond, Yorkshire, in the North of England. He bought it for a reported one and a half million pounds before running for election to the safe Tory seat, which he won in 2015. (Sunak grew up at the other end of the country, in Southampton, on the south coast. Among the many ways in which British parliamentary politics can be confounding to an American viewer—including, for instance, the possibility that a British Asian politician might ascend to the highest office in the land without provoking a widespread racist backlash—is the fact that often, Members of Parliament are elected to represent parts of the country to which they have scanty preëxisting local ties.)

Sunak’s weekday residence has hitherto been in Kensington, in West London—the quadrant of the capital city where the real money lives. Sunak’s London home is reportedly worth £6.6 million: an absolute fortune, but less than one per cent of the reported net worth of the Prime Minister and his wife, Akshata Murty, whose father is the billionaire founder of the information-technology company Infosys. That means the Prime Minister and his wife have twice the personal wealth of the King who invited him to form a government. Sunak also owns a flat nearby, useful when visiting friends or family are in town. And then there’s a penthouse in Santa Monica, where Sunak lived in his pre-political incarnation as an expat hedge-fund guy, having first studied at Stanford on a Fulbright scholarship. Given that property portfolio, and his personal membership in an unimaginably exclusive élite, for the new Prime Minister to suggest that the leader of the opposition is out of touch takes—what’s the word for it? Chutzpah. ♦” Source: Letter from the U.K.: The Hypocrisy of Rishi Sunak’s “North London” Slur

Liz Truss Lost Track of Trust and Rishi “Heavens” Got the Lease of 10 Downing

In July 2019 I was appointed Chief Secretary to the Treasury, having entered Government service as the Minister for Local Government in January 2018. In February 2020, I had the honour to be appointed Chancellor of the Exchequer, a position I held until July 2022. On October 25, I was honoured and privileged to be appointed UK Prime Minister. Source

The Race of Horses and the United Kingdom Politics

The United Kingdom does not know what to do with the 14 horses inherited from past Queen Elizabeth, so Charles III, the new King is thinking to sell them. That is the Horse-Drive and Horse-Radish of the New Britain. A horse without stable and economic drive without direction, just changing the old recipes with new facades and forgetting that the financial decision are no more in London or the Bank of England but somewhere in the Western Horizon of these “Metamultanational” Houses of Finances that are guiding the Financial partition to be distributed to each local Director – Chief of Orchestra to play in accord with its own created symphony if not a cacophony as it is the case now in the London Royal Symphony Orchestra where the New Director of Orchestra came out from these same “Metamultanational” Financial Houses of Music.

Demise and Downfall Scenario of Liz Truss

Prime Minister Liz Truss and his former finance minister, Kwasi Kwarteng, announced a fiscal package, the so-called mini-budget, on September 23, 2022. The moves sparked market turmoil, from a drop in the pound to a pension panic, and a rare public reprimand from the International Monetary Fund. .

Plans have been gradually changed and scrapped, including scrapping plans to scrap the corporate tax hike, scrapping plans to scrap the higher income tax bracket, and lowering the energy guarantee, which is designed to support consumer and commercial energy bills from just two years to six months.

On Friday, Liz Truss fired Hunt’s predecessor and on Monday Jeremy Hunt announced the latest plans, just three days after taking over as Treasury Secretary. He is the fourth person to hold this position since July.

Now lawmakers from across the political spectrum are asking her to do the same, fired herself.

Angela Richardson, the Conservative MP for Guildford, said that Truss could no longer be defended as prime minister. Elected members of Truss’ party are publicly calling for her to resign, while up to 100 party members have reportedly submitted letters of censure to the prime minister, according to reports in i newspaper. Jamie Wallis, the Conservative MP for Bridgend, wrote to the prime minister telling her to resign: “I am asking you to step down as Prime Minister because I believe you no longer have the confidence of the country or the parliamentary party. It is the right thing to do to ensure stability, security and prosperity for the people to whom we owe everything.” Source

Liz Truss Lost Track of Trust

Growth – Growth – Growth and Low Taxes, plus Inflation and Recession Covering the London Horizon with Fogs from the Brexit and the Smokes of the East fronts of Russia – Ukraine Conflagration.

“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try and try again.” King Robert the Bruce of Scotland

Liz Truss needed more than trying Scottish saying, she needed a real Heavy Scotch drink on the Highland Rocks.

After 6 weeks of Lease, Liz Truss Lost the Trust of the British Landlords and the 10 Downing Street is now looking for a New Prime Tenant.

Boris Johnson is in the waiting room but richer and more connected Man to the International Finance Arena drove on the speedy Freeway Enterprising with a Fortune Dot not Dot Come and Dot Gone, but a real and heavy Marriage Dot. 

Rishi “Heavens” Sunak and Boris “Boxer” Johnson: Race against the Clock for the Golden Key of 10 Downing

A day after declaring “I’m a fighter, not a quitter,” Liz Truss lost the trust of her own Landlords Conservative Elders and Graham Brady, the head of the Conservative lawmakers.

After a chaotic 45 days, Liz Truss lost the trust but won the Guinness Record to be the shortest-serving Prime Minister to date in United Kingdom Political History.

Liz Truss resigns as the Prime Minister who lost the trust of the United Kingdom People who rejected her speedy taxi drive for GROWTH as New Tenant of the 10 Downing.

In fact the measure of lowering taxes for the Well-off and richest classes made Liz Truss lose the trust not only of the UK people but also of all the international financial places which opened the door for her downfall from the 10 Downing Street.

Ms. Liz Truss pic is from Reuters

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Said El Mansour Cherkaoui

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