Terrain of Desolation or Field of Dreams: World Cup in 2022?



Behind the air of a ball is not just the feet of the players, the sport companies and the feast of the spectators all around the world

It is human life and poor families left without bread earner, father, brother, uncle and nephew and other male relative that left their home, have paid a price to get there, worked to pay such debt but the heat and the modern slave working conditions transformed them in ghost that never return from where the Sun comes down, they never came back home, they were buried no where worse than in the desert.

This is the story told of such adventure with enigmatic end and stadium and cities built on the bodies of immigrants that have never been recognized neither in their life or their disappearance only their relatives and families have a tattooed memory on old fading pictures of their past existence, they are the Zombies of the International Division of Labor and the Globalization of the Entertainment Industry.

Tate Yoko Research Institute – TRI – Said El Mansour Cherkaoui

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