United Kingdom – Morocco Kingdom: Royal Ties and Royalties

United Kingdom – Morocco Kingdom: Royal Ties and Royalties from Trade and Diplomatic Centuries Old Relationship

Said El Mansour Cherkaoui

Said Cherkaoui

This is not just strictly a relation between the United Kingdom and the Moroccan Kingdom

This is part of the shift of the Western countries interests and the recalibration of international economic relations with the Southern producers or host of the needed petrol, natural gas, renewables energy and essential mining product necessary to the growth of their industries and shields against the raging global competitiveness for their acquisition. 

Where is our Home?

When I read such promises and such projects with such expectations of performance over time, the future and the future, the first bell that rings in my mind:

Do we own this wonderful home?

By pushing the temerity of knowledge and looking through the keyhole of this residence, I realize once again that it is indeed our Residence but the owner is by no means familiar to me, nor to my family. , nor of a parallel heritage and he is not even of a similar, identical or even just neighboring identity


France Will Freely Bring To Morocco Civilization, Wealth and Peace

Over the door, a banner announces the control of our Residence by buyers from elsewhere, beyond the horizons of our suffering imagination.

We’re cooked and homeless, we’ve lost our home again and we’re gonna pay the rent for our own house, making us temporary tenants of our home

Misery, just yesterday our parents were telling us about their struggles and those of our older brothers and sisters against the creditors who took possession of the homes of our great parents.

Moroccan history continues to turn in the same direction of our loss of homes and the key to our happiness

I stop at this level of analysis because it’s sad how a lie becomes a praise and a historical elevation of a nationalist order when these thieves and scammers.

Moroccan Kingdom – United Kingdom: Electrical Link by Submarine Cable

Published on October 3, 2021 – updated 1/5/2022

In Britain, the tiny Devon village of 286 people is linked to MOROCCO by the world’s longest £16 billion submarine cable. The village of Alverdiscott, Devon, is the final destination of the submarine cable project £16 billion marine. The village of 286 is linked to a line to Morocco .… Continue reading

Here my writings on such a change of heart of the North – South international relations and the new building of South – South interactions. More on this read the content of my publications in this link:

In addition, the new foreign policy of the United Kingdom, “Global Britain”, has helped to inject a new dynamic to its relations with Morocco, strengthening the strategic dialogue that is taking place since the visit to London in 2018 of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccans Abroad, Nasser Bourita.

This has helped identify the strategic issues of Morocco-UK relations, allowing from its first session to establish a strategic security dialogue, while the British Department of Transport had proposed to strengthen technical cooperation in the field of ship and port security.

In addition, Morocco was one of the first countries with which the United Kingdom concluded an Association Agreement, in October 2019, thus anticipating the legal vacuum that would cause the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union.

This partnership restores, in the context of bilateral relations, all the benefits that the two countries granted each other, mutually, under the Association Agreement Morocco-EU, allowing for a continuation of trade between the two countries and offering the necessary guarantees to economic operators on both sides.

Aware of the interest in preserving the continuity of bilateral relations as well as the mutual interests of the two Kingdoms, diplomats from both countries had a dense exchange of visits during the period preceding the entry into force of the Brexit, to ensure that Morocco-UK relations emerge unscathed.

In addition to undoubtedly testifying to the depth of ties between the two countries, the Morocco-UK Association Agreement reflects the relevance and insight of the policy initiated under the leadership of HM King Mohammed VI to diversify the Kingdom’s partnerships and consolidate its position as a hub in Africa.

This is also a boon for the British government which aims to become by 2022, the 1st investor of G7 countries in Africa. In this context, the British Chamber of Commerce in Morocco has stressed the importance of Morocco in this process as a bridge and link with the African continent.

The Kingdom could also become a destination of choice for post-Brexit British investment, especially since several previous agreements are likely to facilitate this process.

One of the most recent being the Memorandum of Understanding concluded in 2020, on the sidelines of the “UK-Africa Investment Summit” in the British capital, aimed at the creation of a joint working group for the promotion of trade and investment opportunities offered by the two kingdoms.

It was also on the sidelines of this summit, which already foreshadowed the contours of the new British foreign policy, that the first session of Morocco-UK Business Dialogue took place, bringing together more than 110 Moroccan companies and 225 British operators with a view to presenting the trade and investment opportunities that the two countries have to offer.

In addition, the two previous editions of the strategic dialogue have helped to revitalize cultural cooperation, with the signing of a memorandum of understanding for the creation of a Joint Cooperation Committee in the field of education and an agreement on the British school system in Morocco.

On the ground, this has resulted in the opening of the first British international school “British Academy School of Marrakech” at the beginning of the academic year 2019-2020, with the aim of continuing this momentum to open other schools across Morocco.

Climate cooperation is not left out since the two kingdoms are positioned as world leaders in ecological action; a fact that is confirmed by the report accompanying the ranking of the Climate Change Performance Index (CCPI), in which the New Climate Institute estimated that together with the Scandinavian countries, “the United Kingdom and Morocco, lead the race towards carbon neutrality.”

A convergence of views that was evident at the last World Climate Summit (COP26) held in Glasgow and during which the British presidency has chosen the Kingdom to be among a very short list of 20 countries that took part in the World Summit of Leaders on “accelerating innovation and deployment of clean energy.”

The COP26 Regional Ambassador for the Middle East and Africa, Janet Rogan, took the opportunity to describe Morocco as “a leader in Africa pushing for a breakthrough in new technologies in energy production.”

This set of elements augurs a bright future for relations that began in 1213 and should be further consolidated through the 3rd session of the strategic dialogue and the 1st session of the Association Council scheduled in London.

Source: Morocco-UK: Relations Rooted in History, Firmly Focused on Future – 07 December 2021

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Said El Mansour CherkaouiSaid Cherkaoui

For the United Kingdom diplomatic relations with the Kingdom of Morocco on historical level, here is my publication diplomatically speaking:

Moroccan Pioneer Diplomats in Europe

United Kingdom – Kingdom of Morocco: Royal Ties and Royalties from Trade and Diplomatic Centuries Old Relationship: For the United Kingdom diplomatic relations with the Kingdom of Morocco on historical level, here is my publication diplomatically speaking:

Centuries of Diplomatic Relations between Morocco and Europe did not save Morocco from becoming the target and the prey of the European Predators and Imperialists that have always considered Morocco as the Shield of Africa to be put down and to be used as the Main Entrance and Invasion of Africa starting with the domination of North Africa. Such approach had let to the starting of containment policy pursued gradually through the use of the pretext of piracy and filibusterism, while it was another reaction by Moroccans that have not accepted the weakness of the dynasties could lead to the penetration and the direct control of Morocco by the rising Europeans powers that were divided among themselves. The only unifying common denominator in their combined or coordinated wars carried on the Southern Shores of the Mediterranean was given the Vatican who saw an opportunity to reduce the impact of the Protestantism on the West and the rise of Islam in the East through the consolidation of the Ottoman Empire. Morocco stayed out of this fray given that it was the only country who had not been ruled directly by any foreign power, including the Ottoman. … Continue reading

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