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China and Said El Mansour Cherkaoui

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Kyoto, Japan – Hong Kong – China – August 15, 2022 – Tate Yoko Research Institute – TRI, an established research institute providing consulting insights and analytical reports, has appointed Dr. Said El Mansour Cherkaoui as an Advisor and Global Public Relations Manager.

“We are happy to have Dr. Said El Mansour Cherkaoui as members of our Global PR team which is adding high value to our Public Relation and Customer Development,” said Yolanda Fischer, Executive Partner at Tate Yoko Research Institute – TRI. “Said is well respected professional with several decades of outstanding practices in developing relationship between various business entities and countries around the world. He has helped many US and African companies to establish their international operations. Said has also conducted and coordinated trade missions to Africa, Europe and Asia.

Said is a published Author of research papers, articles and has also contributed in academic publications. Actually, Said is the Editor and Content Writer on business and entrepreneurial news at several online blogs and outlets that he created and actually manage. The corresponding publications focus on world affairs, international relations and international business development as well as art and literature.

We are enthusiastic about the engagement of Said in Tate Yoko Research Institute – TRI’s efforts to expand the outreach of our consulting services, research intelligence papers, reports on world business trends and the evolution of the United States relations with China and other Asian Countries.”

“The market opportunity today is massive as per providing business leaders with valuable insights on the continual changes and the lasting transformations taking place in many economies and between the most developed countries,” said Dr. Said El Mansour Cherkaoui. “Tate Yoko Research Institute – TRI’s track reputation among top tier Asian companies from Asia is an additional validation of the quality of consulting services offered the network of experts at this venerable institution. I am grateful to receive this recognition and this opportunity to consolidate the success of Tate Yoko Research Institute – TRI during its next stage of growth in the United States, Asia and other regions of my knowledge.”

Said E. Cherkaoui completed his Diplome du Second Cycle, Section Economie-Finance, Economics & Finance, Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Grenoble, France. He holds , Ph.D, Economics – Latin American Studies Université Sorbonne Nouvelle (Paris IV) that was completed following 14 years of research in the U.S., Mexico, Brazil, United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal and France.

Get in touch with the Said El Mansour Cherkaoui: to acquire an insight on how he can facilitate your contact and communication with Tate Yoko Research Institute – TRI

Visit to learn more about Dr. Cherkaoui extensive and innovative sets of international, regional and local work.

Tate Yoko Research Institute – TRI

Tate Yoko Research Institute – TRI increases an organization’s awareness and knowledge about the changing environment and decisions taken within the western economies including their decision making: from countering risks to discovering opportunities and applying solutions.

Trusted by clients that span from the US to the entire Asia, Tate Yoko Research Institute while it was founded in Kyoto, Japan, it has field teams in Southeast Asia and East Asia and a network team of experts with diverse professional backgrounds from Japan, Hong Kong, Europe and the United states. Tate Yoko Research Institute has field teams in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and
other countries in Southeast Asia, and East Asia.

Tate Yoko Research Institute have also established strategic relationships with Universities and Think-Thanks that allow us to provide solutions and recommendations to our clients’ increasing needs and demands in international relations, strategic planning and economic and financial situation analysis.


Kyoto, Japan – USA, Oakland

🌎 Said El Mansour Cherkaoui 🌍 Global Public Relations Manager 🌎

I am both humbled and honored to be a part of this historic moment and I am excited to join a community of men and women of an amazing business entity named Tate Yoko Research Institute, founded in 2006 at Kyoto, Japan and located in Hong Kong SAR.

My new position is Global Public Relations Manager that I’m glad and proud to share this great opportunity with all my  followers, former and current colleagues, professional acquaintances and members of my inner circles of executives in the United States of America, Central and South America, China, Southeast Asia, in the EMENA: Europe [France] – Middle East and North and South Sahara Africa.

Knowing that many of you prefer to contact me through my private channel here at LinkedIn and elsewhere, here is my new email:  ·

So, if you are Journalist, reporting and writing analysis on international business and / or if you are a professional interested in Consulting projects and you possess a full grasp on Research Intelligence, International Relations with focus on Public Policy and Economic / Financial decisions and Global Business Strategies that encompass public and private sectors in the United States of America and its relation to Asia, please send me your proto-profile, a summary of your areas of expertise and your contacts info.

I look forward to reigniting our common interests on World Affairs and reinvigorating our mutual beneficial exchanges and interactions.

In conclusion, I gratefully appreciate this opportunity to be offered this function and I thank the Executive Team and my colleagues at Tate Yoko Research Institute – TRI for the confidence they have bestowed on me. 

These are for me unshakable evidence of their willingness to share business intelligence solutions and efficient and innovative know-how that can benefit our client-base and sustain our committed team of consultants in their drive to success.

Our common denominator is to collaborate and excel through collaborative approaches and synergistic methods to serve our clients with excellent solutions that are the best of what our industry can offer today.

If you have any take on this, please do not hesitate to share that with me through my email:


About Our Global Public Relations Manager:

I Dr. Said El Mansour Cherkaoui’s career combines international business management, applied research, and academic responsibilities. From 1982 to present, Dr. Cherkaoui has held executive positions as Vice President with both SVT Africa – and Logistics Systems, Senior Consultant at the International Trade Development Center, Executive Director of Business Development at Mercanteo/Amient, International Business Manager at Sprint Corp. and Corporate Accounts Manager at Everex. Actually, Dr. Cherkaoui is the Founder and Executive Principal at Glocentrade – Global Center for Trade.

Said El Mansour Cherkaoui has also served as Consultant and Project Consultant with the East Bay Small Business Development Center, and as Co-chairman of the International Business Development Committees on Africa and the Middle East at the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce. At the Academic institutions, he hold positions of Department Chairman at a Franco-American University and Adjunct Associate Professor at several academic institutions in the Bay Area of San Francisco and online universities.

I In France, Dr. Cherkaoui graduated from SciencesPo of Grenoble specializing in Economics and Finance and DEA from Intitut de Recherche Economique et de Planification, Grenoble with Diploma on Prospective Sciences, Grenoble University along with a Doctorate in Economics from the Université de Sorbonne – Nouvelle, Paris III.

Africa and China

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Said El Mansour Cherkaoui and Asia

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