San Francisco Celebrating the Advance of US Soccer Team to 16th Phase in the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar

The difference is, Qatar didn’t invade a neighboring country

The US is the world police on territorial invasion now, eh? Pretty hypocritical if you ask me

What are you talking about? The US is sending weapons to a nation that, while yes is not a great place, is still an ally and has not invaded a foreign nation. India is actively funding a hostile nation that has invaded its neighbor and expressed interest in attacking other neighboring nations, who has been labeled a terrorist state by NATO. But yeah, sure, they’re the same thing

Which kool aid are you drinking bruh?


I don’t see why it’s so hard to tell the difference between a middle eastern nation that is not actively threatening every god damn country around it, and Russia. Like I said, I still don’t support Qatar and I disagree with the arms deal. However, it’s still different than backing a nation which is actively being hostile on a large scale against multiple nations to the point that almost every other nation on this god-forsaken planet has barricaded them

Barricaded them of their own free will or because of the threat of sanctions?

Almost none of the western nations like Qatar, but if much geopolitics is allowed for the US, it comes with a cost mate

By barricaded them, I meant the sanctions imposed on Russia. I realize that may not have been clear

Qatar funds terrorism

The article you linked was pretty clear about the government of Qatar not funding terrorism.

Qatar does not fund terrorism.

But Qatar, which was one of the strongest international backers of the rebellion against Syrian President Bashar Assad, has long faced criticism from some U.S. officials for allowing or encouraging funding of extremists groups in Syria, as well as for its direct and indirect support of the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas.

The article literally states it was groups against Assad. You know, the fascist Russian backed bastard. The whole guy for the reason of the bloody civil war. The article literally states it was done with turkey.

That wasn’t “I must protect my genociding Muslim brothers who must kill all none Muslims” but geopolitics every country uses daily.

Again your own article was very clear on this.

It’s like you don’t even read your own articles you link…

Hating Assad is not a bad thing. Besides that when you put reality into context it means something different. Qatar does bad stuff, lots of bad stuff. But saying they should not be a US ally because they make US enemies their enemy is none sense. Especially when you understand Qatar is by far the most pro western gulf state.

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nooblevelum·1 day ago

Qatar is also the most pro Iranian gulf state. Do you realize the issue if the people that want to replace Assad are Islamic fundamentalists? Does it not occur how bad of an idea that is? It is almost as if there is history we can turn to that shows how funding of Islamic radicals creates geopolitical problems that you cannot control.

It’s almost like geopolitics are complicated or something and making broad generalizations and sweeping statement will inherently will be only partial truth.

I Don’t even know what we are talking about now. I hope you have a good day and Qatar is no way uniquely evil compared to most anything countries else just because the propaganda of the week is Qatar bad.

World Cup Games and Global Politics Issues: US Vice President Biden and Iraq

Said El Mansour Cherkaoui – Said El Mansour Cherkaoui, Ph.D.


June 19, 2014   ·  8 years ago

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World Cup Games and Global Policy Issues: US Vice President and Iraq

Statement on Iraq by His Excellency Joseph Biden, Vice President of the United States

The Repeating Dilemmas of American Expansionist Policy:

The United States has spent $25 billion to train and train Iraqi security forces since the 2003 invasion of Iraq. This is according to a report by the Inspector General Special on Iraq. This colossal sum was not able to restore a professional militarization of Iraq after the execution of Saddam Hussein and the hasty dismantling of his army by the American authorities.

This sudden setting aside of one of the foundations of the Iraqi state had in short given rise to a fierce resistance which effectively aimed at regaining the privileges which were suddenly and violently taken away from it. This regional reaction to the usurpation of central power took time to forge alliances beyond its own martial and administrative circles and outside of ideological divides once enacted by a centralized political bureau under the command of Saddam Hussein and his close to the axis cities of Mosul, Tikrīt, Baghdad and the hamlets of the province of Diyala.

In fact, the ruling, professional and merchant circles including the adjacent tribes formed the social base of the elective power of Saddam Hussein’s Baath Party. Their shelving was first advocated and led by Paul Bremer who held the post of administrator of Iraq between May 11, 2003 and June 28, 2004. This Praetorian administrator also allowed the leaching and monopolization of funds Iraqi public by and for the benefit of the fringes of opportunists who were forced into exile by Saddam’s regime. Those who gathered in Western capitals, lastly in London, and adored the coat of arms of national opposition to the Bath Party. In fact, their exile was almost voluntary given their sagacity and their designs which corroborated those of the defenders of the Free World.

It is indeed within these acts and their reinforcement by the American administrations and as a result of those from the ranks of the Iraqi Immigrants-Exiles who had taken over that the causes of the current alliance between the various factions of the Sunnis had been draft. In such an antagonistic environment, the deliberate marginalization of Sunni social stocks had only time left for them as a weapon against the American occupation and its lackeys. The hardening and rotting of relations between the Sunnis and the Shias had become the catalysts and the causes where the reasons for the links of protest engagement and the reasons for the coordination of the armed uprising of the Iraqi people under the banner of Islam.

The Administrative Paradox and Religious Myopia Inherited from a Military Invasion:

In this light and this reversal of fortune just after the departure of American troops, the administration in Washington is forced to face the destruction of its own investment. Financial and logistical support by the Americans and the British for the establishment of a secure government capable of preserving the territorial integrity of Iraq is currently under threat of implosion. By the irony of fate, a destruction and cancellation of all the investments made up to then are put down by fighters who do not believe or consider the investment with interest – and these are the ones who are called and designated by the Western world by the Islamists. They are labeled as Islamists especially when they find themselves,

In Libya and Syria, these same groups were and are seriously identified almost as democrats because of the finality not of their strategy but of their military objective which is the end of undemocratic leaders and that as Western governments designate them. In all this there is a certain absurdity at the level of the consideration and the religious designation which in time used Mahumetan and Mahometan as a derivative of their appellation of Muhammad, who was considered a prophet and founder of Islam.

The burlesque twist in all this is that all the supporters of Libya, Syria, Egypt and Iraq today are predominantly Islamist, because they are Muslims and followers of Islam. Because of this, the West continues to persist and sign the same way through this same trend of transliteration. A direct borrowing and veneering of the cleavages and schisms that have characterized the evolution of the Christian religion is extended over their conceptualization and understanding of Islam. Those who take up arms are called Islamist, whereas the majority of the rest of the believing population is Islamic. This amalgam serves political interests and the needs of the manipulation of Western thought towards the notion of Islam as a whole.

The West is rushing into this path of wanting to wisely make individual communication non-existent since the scourge is of a cultural nature and not an isolated and extremist case. In this momentum, one day we will see the categorization of some Muslims as “New Born Again Muslim.” »

Declarations of His Excellency the American Vice-President.

US Vice President Joe Biden during his visit to Brazil, where he was attending the World Cup, said that “urgent aid is clearly needed. But we must also help Iraq build its capacity to deal with long-term threats, and that will require setting aside bigotry, resolving legitimate grievances fairly, building an inclusive security force, and ensure that all communities live together and allow their voices to be heard. “

Vice President Joe Biden is absolutely right, however these achievements should have been made a long time ago and indeed this is what all Middle Eastern states need to implement but without any foreign interference or pressure. .

Exactly and certainly Your Excellency The Vice President, all the nations of the Middle East, including Algeria, Libya and Egypt all need to develop a framework and a roadmap that would allow them to “implement aside sectarianism, fair resolution of legitimate grievances, building an inclusive security force, and ensuring that all communities live together and allow their voices to be heard. “

We would like to see and witness our days to this transformation. However, for the success of such a metamorphosis, foreign weapons and foreign boots must be kept out of the Middle Eastern soil (by the way, it seems that the boots of the American army were made by China) and outside the football playing fields and you will see that all the countries in the Middle East might eventually be able to buy or manufacture their own shoes. This independence in choosing their own merchandise and their industrious way will allow them to score a lot and make goals favorable to their own victory in the same way as the winning scorers of the World Cup that you now look at Your Excellency the vice- President.

We hope that Your Excellency you are witnessing a very nice sporting spectacle and football game.

Said El Mansour Cherkaoui




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