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Global Automotive Drives Eurafricasia: Boulogne-Billancourt – Tangier – Shanghai – Calcutta

A series of articles and analyzes on the continual globalization of the automotive industry which is tested by internal and multipolar competition as well as international imposing the is looking not only for new outlets but above all for new production methods, new locations and other supplies and a dowser by equipment manufacturers. This new composition of the automobile industry was and continues to be guided by the realization of productions relatively less expensive and more competitive than the international scales.

Thus globalization and the integration of advanced robotic production techniques have allowed the relocation of car manufacturing companies without having to adapt to the cultural environment or the local operational conditions or even the degree of development of the place, region and country where the car producers settled.

The profit margin achieved is increased by the reduction of wage costs, the rolling of the rights and social benefits given to the workers are supplemented by favors and facilities granted by the host country which play the role of magnet of attraction for the automobile manufacturers.

The second challenge is internal and specific to the emergence of electric cars which have managed to establish themselves as a serious alternative to traditional models using gasoline or diesel as fuel. Thus, the global automotive industry is currently distinguished by an international and national strategy characterized by change and continuity, a paradox imposed by the important competition of the Asian countries who are producing for their own market and for export. Many western-based automotive companies are withdrawing from these markets giving these new market considerations and conditions.

Ministry of Industry and Trade – Morocco

تحت الرعاية السامية لصاحب الجلالة الملك محمد السادس، نصره الله، تنظم الجمعية المغربية لصناعة وتركيب السيارات (AMICA) الدورة 7 لمعرض ملتقى “طنجة المتوسط أوطوموتیف میتینغ” AMT تحت شعار: “أي استراتيجية من أجل إنعاش قطاع صناعة السيارات؟ “. مناسبة لاستعراض إنجازات قطاع السيارات وتباحث الرهانات والآفاق الاستراتيجية للقطاع.

Sous le Haut Patronage de Sa Majesté le Roi Mohammed VI, Que Dieu L’assiste, l’Association Marocaine pour l’Industrie et le Commerce automobile (AMICA) organise la 7ème édition du salon Automotive Meetings Tanger-Med sous le thème “Quelle stratégie pour la relance du secteur automobile?”. C’était l’occasion d’exposer les réalisations et enjeux stratégiques du secteur.

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Tesla Motors

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Tesla Global Car Development and Local Energy Production

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Renault-Nissan : Road to Morocco

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Morocco – Auto-Mobility – Digitech – Logistics

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Le Maroc Numérique et l’Intégration Régionale et Internationale

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Morocco Source of Investment for the Automobile Industry: Case of Renault

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Renault Digital

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Renault Gagne la partie sur la Terre Battue du Terrain Marocain

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Renault Global Trotter: France, Romania, Turkey, Morocco, Brazil, India

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Renault Regional and Global Organization

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Quatrologie De Quadricycle: Citroën Ami Au Maroc

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Citroën Ami in USA: Quadricycle ou EV?

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No Ami No Ennemi Just Profit: Citroën Ami more Expensive in Morocco than France ?

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Top the Roof – Limit the Sky: NAMX

 Exposants 2022 : nous sommes fiers d’annoncer que le jeune constructeur NamX participera au Mondial de l’Auto du 17 au 23 octobre prochain ! Pour celles et ceux qui l’auraient manqué, NamX a présenté récemment son premier modèle, le HUV. Il s’agit d’un très joli SUV coupé à réservoirs à hydrogène interchangeables dessiné par Pininfarina .. Lire la suite

LE MATIN qui Révolutionne le Plagiat et le Déni a Outrance

 May 18, 2022  admin – LE MATIN Ex Le Petit Marocain n’a pas encore grandi Notre Maroc, Notre Devoir…Lire la suite

Hydrogen Utility Vehicule Named NamX

Il a fallu 4 ans de recherche pour créer ce concept. Derrière ce projet, il y a Faouzi ANNAJAH, le CEO, et Thomas DE LUSSAC, le confondateur de NamX et designer de ce concept. Outre Pininfarina, ils ont su s’associer avec de grands noms de l’automobile, dont Magna Steyr, réputé pour son ingénierie …Lire la suite



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Tesla Model Y & Model 3

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For the first time since 1931, G.M. has been outsold in the U.S. by Toyota. Both companies sold over two million vehicles.

BMW Robotechuman Assembly Line

An assembly line is a production process that breaks the manufacture of a good into steps that are completed in a pre-defined sequence. Assembly lines are the most commonly used method in the mass production of products. They reduce labor costs because unskilled workers are trained to perform specific tasks.

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