Core-definition of the Core Competencies on US-China Relations

Office of China Coordination: a Good Door-step in the Right Direction and Orientation

Congratulations and Good Continuation of opening the new Store of Peace Making and Coordination

New Window of opportunities and a new gateway for negotiation will be opened between the USA and China to widen the prospects for collaboration and cooperation beyond the competitiveness that is only market driven and solely conditioned by the conjunctural business climate dominating the global trends of the world economy.

Diplomacy has to have its own path of direction, orientation, redefinition and objectivation.   The “Robotooling” of the economic and semiconductor sanctions have limited impact and can be returned on their head by becoming incentives to development of self-sufficiency and loss of control of any opportunity to respond to new demands and invent new dimensions and new advances.

In a globalized liberal system, competition can be only productive when there are participants, not when we run solo in the desert.

The main course of challenges remain the arm race and the subsequent spilling effect in the region where the geopolitical interests are contaminating geoeconomic operations such in Latin America, Africa, the Arab Middle East and in the Asia Pacific region.

Within such concentration of preconceived reasons for antagonism and predetermined reaction of opposition, the western modern culture of prosperity and the example of success that use to be the pride of the self-made man concept and the reflection of the shining house on the top of the hill are no more believed or acceptable by the rest of the world that is now at the edge of disruptive new ideologies and ways of living and surviving.

The technology is more considered as the “chasse-gardee” of the eminent research centers and institutions that used to be identified in the brain drain and the successful advances made by western countries just to widen the gap with the rest of the Third World nations.  

Cars and the entire automotive industry used to be located in Europe and the US with the rest of the world not even having the parts for their own imported vehicles while now on the south border of the United States we are constructing German like Japanese cars without even importing the parts for the assembly lines, they are produced locally by companies installed in the peripheries of the car manufacturer.   Such local integration is used by the major car producers around the world from Romania, to Morocco, Mexico down to Brazil and up to China and India.

New international form of international division of tech, logistic and robotic work is now a reality that has advanced the process of production, increased the efficiency, reduced the losses but has not created new “remedies” against unemployment, poverty and social dislocation.  These super sophisticated factories and their surrounding road, train and maritime and air ports infrastructure are like “Potemkine Island” in the desert of desolation.

These conditions have impacted the race of the competitiveness and the race of the attractiveness respectively by the large private international corporations and by the hosting countries seeking to embellish their facade by transforming themselves as the hospitable offshoring coasts and territories while expecting that the heavy financial burden of their investments will be worth the display of large multinationals as their Oscar trophies that will encourage other to come.  

The World Bank and the International Monetary funds were the motivators for the building of the adequate infrastructure necessary to convince the multinational corporations to bring what I called their “”Robottillage” – Robotooling” and accept the incentives offered by the hosting country.

Welcome to America.

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