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Business Consultant on US – Japan Trade and Business Policy and Relationship

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San Francisco Bay Area (Remote)

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You know what is happening between Japan and USA and vice-versa, we want to read it from you

If you live in Northern California, around the Bay area of San Francisco and you are well astute on the US – Japan Trade Policy and Business Relationship and you have conducted research on such areas of analysis, please let us know.

Please email us your info on similar and corresponding assignments on US – Japan Trade Policy and Business Relationship that you have conducted as research, publications, powerpoint presentations and your contact indications to:


website: https://www.triconsultingkyoto.com

Founded in 2006 and based in Kyoto, Japan, Tate Yoko Research Institute – TRI  has representatives in many Asian countries and in the United States.  

Tate Yoko Research Institute – TRI provides research and consultancy services to their clients across industries and continues to grow in Asia and the United States of America..

About the Role:

This position is seeking professionals who are residents of North California where we have established a Manager who is located in the Bay Area of San Francisco, CA.  Through our location in North California we are building a network of consultants, specialists, analysts and researchers with the approach of Teamwork Collaboration based on remote localisation and interaction.

You will be working directly with our Departments and Managers of the Customer Success, Risk Analysis and Public Policy teams to make significant impacts on our customer’s adoption of our and your solutions and recommendations you will be defining to maximize our clients’ return on investment.

As Consultant at Tate Yoko Research Institute – TRI, you will be an integral member of our remote analytical and researcher team.  The following assignments are given just for demonstration purposes and can be modified as new requests, concerns and demands of our clients can arise from the evolution and changes that can occur in the US-Japan interactions.  

Variable Responsibilities of the Position:

  •  Proactively Monitoring, Evaluating and defining  declarations made and trends that will shape the decisions made the US government institutions and agencies
  •  Analyze the positions taken and favored by the policymakers policy and critical decisions and event happening or going to happen at the level US-Japan trade relations
  •  Analyze the trends and insights of their respective Business, Competitors, Suppliers & Customers.
  • Address directly the full range of practical questions, including and not limited to trade and tariff
  • Conduct a prospective analysis based on analytical and planning tools to anticipate on the US government agencies and institutions
  • Evaluate current and prospective trends to define answers to questions of our Japan based clients on the economic impact of trade and business policies on their operations and relations with the United States entities.
  •  Anticipate, define and explain the motivations and the objectives of those engaged in creating trade policy that will help our Japan based clients to understand the U.S. trade and business policy-making 
  • Your Analysis will help our Japan based clients to better anticipate and act on the potential changes and will improve their responses to the U.S. trade policy-making and contribute to a more level playing field in US – Japan economic and cultural relations. 

_ This position is not News making or gathering, collecting published articles on the net. This position requires knowledge and intelligence about the USA – Japan relations making and progress by Analysts who are in contact with real facts and inside knowledge of the various players in the United States Public Policy decisions toward Japan.
To Apply
Applicants should email their resume and cover letter and copies of their publication related and focusing the requirements of this position.

Email: support@triconsultingkyoto.com

Please write on the Subject of the Email, the following indication of “Public Policy Advisor on Business and Investment

Tate Yoko Research Institute – TRI Values

We value diversity — in backgrounds and in experiences. We are seeking to build our US based team of professionals that are well versed with advanced knowledge and experience of our areas of expertise.   We are interested in communicating with people of all backgrounds and walks of life to build together as One TEAM the present and the future of our services focusing on the United States relations with other countries in Asia. 

Tate Yoko Research Institute – TRI team is inclusive, open-minded, performance driven and oriented by a well educated but humble and cohesive-supportive concept of professional interactions.   We are direct and concern about the wellbeing of our environment and life definition, deliberate and self-reflective about the kind of diverse team and multiple human cultures that we are forging, shaping and seeking as teammates that are not only strong in their own aptitudes but care deeply about supporting each other’s progress, prosperity and professional and social growth: we succeed all together when you grow with us.

If you share our believes, principles and you put values and enthusiasm in building together a progressive and world-class culture and top quality services satisfying the expectations of our clients, you will find a welcoming home at Tate Yoko Research Institute – TRI 

Deadline for submission is February 21st, 2023 – 6:00pm (PST).

Please refrain from inquiring about your application status.

For more inputs on Tate Yoko Research Institute – TRI, see details in this link:

Selective Areas of Interests and Knowledge Base:

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