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世界各地にまたがり 無限の可能性を創造する
これは、私たち TRI 職員一人一人の想いです。

Creating infinite possibilities across the globe

This is the thought of each and every one of the TRI staff.

While society and companies are strongly demanding the creation of innovation, we will meet the expectations of our clients from a new perspective.
Due to the progress of digitalization, there is a need to implement more accurate responses in a timely manner in a business environment that has changed significantly and diversified.
Under these advanced circumstances, in addition to providing core systems to regional financial institutions, we provide services that contribute to improve client profitability and operational efficiency, such as marketing data analysis systems based on the knowledge of data scientists.
Tate Yoko Research Institute in addition of providing high-value-added system solutions from the client’s perspective, we also support a wide range of operations, thereby contributing to strengthening the competitiveness of our clients’ businesses.

In Oakland California and for the rest of the United States, Said El Mansour Cherkaoui represents Tate Yoko Research Institute – Tri, a Japanese consulting boutique that is well established as a prestigious renowned consulting firm in Japan, in the rest of Asia and the United States.

Tate Yoko Research Institute – TRI was founded in 2006 by former Presidents and Directors of the most prestigious Japanese companies, including SUMITOMO, MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC, and other Japanese companies.

The founders of the Tate Yoko Research Institute are former CEOs and Executive Directors and Presidents of the largest Japanese companies, Research Centers and were also members of think tanks for reflection and innovation on the technological and operational management of international companies and research and development centers.

The Tate Yoko Research Institute website is written in English with a short presentation in French and a Japanese version, all of which exist in this link:

Our Business Focus

Consulting Services / Solutions

Indeed, Tate Yoko Research Institute is a firm recognized in Japan, Asia and the United States for its innovations and its commitments in the sectors of activity necessary for the proper functioning of private organizations, public institutions and social fields.

We are a consulting and advisory company on international affairs and policies of States, primarily decisions taken at the level of investments made, the regulation of transactions and the development of international trade between European countries, the United States, those from Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

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Avec nos vœux et souhaits de réussite.

Said Cherkaoui

Said El Mansour Cherkaoui, Ph.D.

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