Said El Mansour Cherkaoui Predictions on Africa – China in 1978

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Prize for Defending Africa Development with Chinese Model at SciencesPo – Grenoble – France

China Ink Wrote an Attaching Memory in My Mind, 1977 – Africa

Afrique Murée at Sciences Po Grenoble: Right-Wing Extremist Fortress and False Progressives in 1977-78

By Said El Mansour Cherkaoui – Apr 10, 2023

 March 5, 2023  Said El Mansour Cherkaoui

Sciences Po Grenoble in 1977-78: Right-Wing Extremist Fortress and False Progressives

To my African Sisters and Brothers

Those who have not lived in front of the anti-African reality to realize at their level how it could put their lives in complete failure. 

Hoping my story can help them open their eyes wider

While I was a young student at Sciences Po Grenoble in France, where I lived one of the most devastating in my life stories which undermined all the ingredients and opportunities for another Made In Great Britain future of the time but my pride to be an African and to remain so was worth all the losses I endured thereafter like a cascade of magma burning everything in my path.  

My wounds have never been healed but my African dignity is my eternal strength

I am proud to have always supported Africa wherever I go and this through the Education I received from my Mother and my Father, Rahma Wa Ghofrane for all our parents, Amen

Africa between the Walls of Sciences Po Grenoble – France: Right-wing Extremist Fortress and False Progressives in 1977-78

Chinese Development Model Defended: SciencesPo Grenoble Prize for Said El Mansour Cherkaoui

By Said El Mansour Cherkaoui

 Apr 20, 2023


France for me is above all and that during my fifteen years and more spent within its walls, it is above all a land of asylum and to continue my sporting, artistic, cultural and academic activities and for that I remain full of gratitude to the people who helped me make this journey and cross these fields with knowledge. Of course I experienced a lot of rejection and marginalization but that as they say was part of the territory I covered and I grew up.

If I take a look at what I have experienced, I would say France which is high in my vision of this world, it is that of those who were exceptional individuals who were devoted to helping others, to the success of others and above all a “Stranger” like I was always considered by the others of clandestine and silent France and sometimes angry and stormy by his own lack of inner peace and that since the time of the Romans.

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Prix De La Défense Du Modèle De Développement Chinois A SciencesPo De Grenoble

Prix de la Défense du Modèle de Développement Chinois a SciencesPo de Grenoble

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by Said El Mansour Cherkaoui –


Chinese Ink, Attaching Memory, 1977

In France, while I was still a student at Sciences Po in Grenoble, I formulated a project on the Development of China and I presented it as the model to be imitated and followed by all these former African colonies which were during the 1970s, shaken by the brutality and sudden oscillations of the international market and the weight of foreign debt. 

In 1977, I defended China as the Model of Development for Former Colonized Countries and I was put down the precipice and almost kick-out of the Sciences Politiques of Grenoble and I had to fight hard to continue my studies against as we say in French “contre vents et marées de mesquinerie et de sabotage ainsi que d’attaques racistes” to bring my lost ship to the port of knowledge and know-how.

My research like all the other previous ones was conducted through a projection and a prediction of the effects and manifestations that could be generated down the road and in the future of the countries or sectors that were the topics of my research.

My Presentation on China Development Focused on the Nationalist Choices Made by the Chinese Leaders

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