Said El Mansour Cherkaoui Predictions on Africa – China in 1978

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Reactualisation of this Narrative Within the Actual context of World Affairs Continual Changes that have propulsed China in the Top position at the level of the World Economy and as Investor and Trade Partner of Africa, while France is shaken in African countries that depended on its printing machine just to supply their national money.

France in Africa is actually in pickled position while China is making and supplying recipes and building kitchen around Africa to serve whoever is in need or an African meal and natural food extracted and cooked in Africa.

Prize for Defending Africa Development with Chinese Model at SciencesPo – Grenoble – France

China Ink Wrote an Attaching Memory in My Mind, 1977 – Africa

Chinese Development Model Defended: SciencesPo Grenoble Prize for Said El Mansour Cherkaoui

By Said El Mansour Cherkaoui –  Apr 20, 2023


France for me is above all and that during my sixteen to 18 years and more spent within its walls, it is above all a land of asylum and to continue my sporting, artistic, cultural and academic activities and for that I remain full of gratitude to the people who helped me make this journey and cross these fields with knowledge. Of course I experienced a lot of rejection and marginalization but that as they say was part of the territory I covered and I grew up.

If I take a look at what I have experienced, I would say France which is high in my vision of this world, it is that of those who were exceptional individuals who were devoted to helping others, to the success of others and above all a “Stranger” like I was always considered by the others of clandestine and silent France and sometimes angry and stormy by his own lack of inner peace and that since the time of the Romans.

Afrique Murée at Sciences Po Grenoble: Right-Wing Extremist Fortress and False Progressives in 1977-78

By Said El Mansour Cherkaoui – Apr 10, 2023

 March 5, 2023  Said El Mansour Cherkaoui

Sciences Po Grenoble in 1977-78: Right-Wing Extremist Fortress and False Progressives

To my African Sisters and Brothers

Those who have not lived in front of the anti-African reality to realize at their level how it could put their lives in complete failure.  Hoping my story can help them open their eyes wider

Sciences Po Grenoble

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Africa between the Walls of Sciences Po Grenoble – France: Right-wing Extremist Fortress and False Progressives in 1977-78

While I was a young student at Sciences Po Grenoble in France, where I lived one of the most devastating in my life stories which undermined all the ingredients and opportunities for another Made In Great Britain future of the time but my pride to be an African and to remain so was worth all the losses I endured thereafter like a cascade of magma burning everything in my path.   My wounds have never been healed but my African dignity is my eternal strength.

I am proud to have always supported Africa wherever I go and this through the Education I received from my Mother and my Father, Rahma Wa Ghofrane for all our parents, Amen

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Prix De La Défense Du Modèle De Développement Chinois A SciencesPo De Grenoble

by Said El Mansour Cherkaoui –


Chinese Ink, Attaching Memory, 1977

In France, while I was still a student at Sciences Po in Grenoble, I formulated a project on the Development of China and I presented it as the model to be imitated and followed by all these former African colonies which were during the 1970s, shaken by the brutality and sudden oscillations of the international market and the weight of foreign debt. 

In 1977, I defended China as the Model of Development for Former Colonized Countries and I was put down the precipice and almost kick-out of the Sciences Politiques of Grenoble and I had to fight hard to continue my studies against as we say in French “contre vents et marées de mesquinerie et de sabotage ainsi que d’attaques racistes” to bring my lost ship to the port of knowledge and know-how.

My research like all the other previous ones was conducted through a projection and a prediction of the effects and manifestations that could be generated down the road and in the future of the countries or sectors that were the topics of my research.

My Presentation on China Development Focused on the Nationalist Choices Made by the Chinese Leaders

First, I relegate the religion which is used as impediment for development and I stated with example that Religion is not the cause or a contributor to the burst of violence and acts of terrorism: Religion is used as a reason for anger and revolt against the aspirations of the people to live peacefully.

None of the 3 divine religions – Hachem – God – Allah – tell you to live in misery and go kill the other to steal their life and belongings.

China developed itself because it had leaders who went to watch closely what is Capitalism in the European countries. They observe closely what is in its essence by working in industrial factories and studying closely the capitalist system in its relations to and in production, its impact on the capital – labor interactions and in regards to the distribution of its most-value added among the capitalists. They also explore the relation of the capitalist countries with with their colonies, the USSR and China to ensure how is stimulate the growth of this added value.

2019 marks the 100th year anniversary of the Chinese Diligent Work and Frugal Study Association’s program, which sent over 1,500 Chinese students to France over a three-year period just after World War I. 

“Lesser emphasized outside of China is that Zhou Enlai, Mao Zedong’s enigmatic yet charismatic premier and minister of foreign affairs, who played the pivotal role in the negotiations that led to the rapprochement of relations between the People’s Republic and the United States, was also a student in France. The top echelon of China’s revolutionary military was also represented in the work-study program in France. Chen Yi, one of ten of China’s famed grand marshals, and later mayor of Shanghai, was a student. So was Nie Rongzhen, also a grand marshal. Nie led the State Science and Technology Commission, and as such was instrumental in developing China’s atomic bomb. Li Fuchun became vice premier of China. After his studies in France, like many of his classmates, he went on to further studies in the Soviet Union. He negotiated for Soviet assistance. During the Great Leap Forward, after taking peasants from their farms and putting in them in factories, he reversed the process as China went into famine as a result of declining agricultural production.” Source

Even the Leader of Vietnam did the same. Ghandi and Nehru from India had also followed this trajectory to understand what British capitalism is. The father of Modernization of China, Deng Xiaoping’s journey in France as member of student program exchange. We can continue the examples with other Leaders

It is in line with this learning and this desire to move the country forward and to direct it towards the construction of an educational framework that meets real needs and respects national conditions for deep local and regional reforms and integration in as long as a new nation through a rational strategy and a national industrial model with options for socialism.

Said El Mansour Cherkaoui 8/6/2021

My Presentation on China Development Focused on the Nationalist Choices Made by the Chinese Leaders

Continue Reading at this: Chinese Development Model Defended: SciencesPo Grenoble Prize for Said El Mansour Cherkaoui

Cet Article fut rédigé et publié originalement April 10, 2023 en langue Française sous le titre de:

Afrique – Chine: 1977 Grand Prix SciencesPo Grenoble

Prix De La Défense Du Modèle De Développement Chinois A SciencesPo De Grenoble

Prix de la Défense du Modèle de Développement Chinois a SciencesPo de Grenoble

Deux Maîtres de Conférence de l’Extrême Droite: Un Avoué Revanchard et un Camouflé comme de … Continue reading

Said El Mansour Cherkaoui, Ph.D. ★ 78 articles

The Academic Prize I Paid for Defending China’s Development as a Model for African Economies
  • Published on September 4, 2015 – French & English Version
  • 1 – CHINA – 2 – CHINA: 

1 – The Price I Paid for China’s Development:

I defended the Chinese Model of Development in 1977 against a Representative and a hard RPR (Rally for the Republic – Chiraquian obedience at the time) and perhaps even a camouflaged extreme right who was a lecturer – I should say a little blackmailer of disasters – at the Institute of Political Studies of the University of Grenoble.

This pseudo-instructor tried to blackmail me so that I change my mind, ideological orientation and political direction and to say in front of all the Students that the West and the French Metropolis have all the solutions for the development of nations formerly colonized. Since I was looking for and advocating another model of development that I had identified in China, he wanted me to declare that China was not the example to follow for economic development for Third World countries.  

For him, it is the European countries which were the providers of revenue and means for the development of African countries. My choice became for him a personal matter since other African Students were also part of the Seminar in which I anticipated the results of my research project.

My presentation was in fact centered on the logic of forced underdevelopment on our economies and how to break the shackles of Neo-Colonialism and the subjection of our national decisions and strategies to the good wishes and vagaries of the international situation and market supporters. international financial, commercial and even martial.

I refused and I lost a year but not my vision of the world which turned out to be correct over time.

This “poor guy”, he did not appreciate my research work and my presentation in front of all the other Students of the Economics and Finance section at the Institute of Political Studies of Grenoble. It was the last year for obtaining the Diploma of the Institute. He completely sacked me, but the Good Lord repaid him for his abuse.

China also became a new State on bases which were effectively supported by Deng Xiaoping (August 22, 1904 – February 19, 1997) whose photo is the one introducing this draft.  

I had effectively demonstrated that the Modernization put in place by this seasoned politician, Deng Xiaoping, was bringing about change. I maintained that the corresponding changes would therefore upset the chessboard and the game of the internationalization of capital and the consequent international division of labour. The modification of these two vectors of foreign investment in third countries will no longer be made according to their own operating and exploitation conditions, but China, taking the examples of Taiwan, the Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore, was going to find a way other than that followed by those countries that had been dubbed the “New Industrial Countries and the Dragons of Asia.”  

China was seeking to distance itself from such a product assembly model and to integrate its own innovative technology into its industrial fabric, with high added value per product and per operation in each industrial unit. This approach had subsequently effectively promoted China’s technological momentum while allowing it to find a place among the economic powers of Asia and the world.

Despite this moron and the obstacle he tried to put in my path of reflection and reference for national development, I continued my journey until I was invited by the Government of China to train their Business Leaders here in Oakland (California) and in China itself and where his photos were taken. Likewise, in the meantime, I had even defended a doctoral thesis at the Sorbonne University on the same subject of economic development and integration into the world market by creating a new theory on Subcapitalism. 

In celebration of my Triumph over this gratuitous adversity and over the disdain almost tinged with racism and the Academic Smallness of this master of ideological disaster and Pseudo-Right in Grenoble, and what time much later confirmed my choices and my analyzes on national economic development, I offer you this article on China and the display of its forces based on the exploitation of its own resources for a real and authentic need for national development and international affirmation at all levels.  

Sciences Po Grenoble in 1977-78: Right-Wing Extremist Fortress and False Progressives




Where is France of the Right-Wing Extremist and the False Progressive, here is China

The corresponding article can be accessed through this link:

China marks 70th V-Day anniversary with spectacular parade

Two Lecturers from the Far Right and Left of the Villas:
A Revanchist Advocate and a Camouflaged as Leftist with the Common Denominator: Nostalgic for Colonial France and Jealous of Knowledge of the Other North African

For the first killer of true thinkers from another culture, here is his story which is mine that I present to you in this link of my destiny at  Sciences Po Grenoble  :

Prize for the Defense of the Chinese Development Model at SciencesPo de Grenoble
 March 5, 2023 Said El Mansour Cherkaoui

The second Camouflaged as Left but also A second from the Far Right:

Sciences Po Grenoble  Second Cycle Diploma  Eco-Fi Section
– Diploma Thesis: State Intervention in Industry: The Case Study of the Textile Industry in Morocco.

As Supervisor: a Rejected who did not know Morocco and who landed at SciencesPo since Gérard Destanne de Bernis had rejected him from the Fac Sciences Eco since Destanne preferred a more gifted person in the person of Christian Palloix.

This rejected named Jean Rosio could not find better than to ally himself with a silent one who went with the wind: Danielle Demoustier.

It was during the period when all Maghrebins were not welcome at SciencesPo Grenoble, especially those who stood up to these elusive left-wing thinkers while their portfolios leaned towards the far right. They were afraid that their deformed ideas or their usurped places would be taken and therefore were so stingy in grades that no Revolutionary North African came out with superior grades and high mentions.

You had to get drunk to please them as I didn’t drink alcohol, I was always on the left side of their game and their scheme and I wasn’t the only one in this case.

Dr.  Said El Mansour Cherkaoui

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Two Lecturers from the Far Right: A Revengeful Advocate and a Disguised as Leftist but Jealous of the Knowledge of the Other North African

My Generation of Students in France was a Generation that knew the Europeans and the French of Morocco very closely, we lived together in Morocco, shared the same emotions, and we rubbed against the same winds and the same tides and waves of the Atlantic than those of common existence. We were neighbors in everything, in the neighborhood, in schools, high schools and parties and dance balls. We practiced the same sports, Tennis, Fencing, Handball, Volleyball, Basketball and even the everyday sports of System D.

Our teachers and our schoolmasters were our models of success, they were our daily mentors and we were full of gratitude and good feelings towards them in the same way as those we nourished towards our compatriots. Judaic Amazighs.

I had the opportunity to grow up and be taught by a class of Europeans born in Morocco in Doukkala who practiced the same popular language with the accent of our Doukkala and could not be differentiated from my uncles from the countryside or of the city of Mazagan – Mriziga – El Jadida and that by Victor Puglisi, Antoine “Nounou” Oulad Baggio, Maurice Ratel, Alain [Allal] Goirin, Carpozen, Dr. Paoletti, Laporte, Perrault, Marco, Ardouin, Petersen, Vidal, Rizzo, Jacquetty, Adigard des Gautries, Gonzalez, Lepine, Tachx, Gicquel, Clegnac, Perez, Salinas, Gimenez, Martinez, Borgia, Laplante, Tibaudet, Marais, Philippe, Riviere, Dr. Ingarao, Dr. Verdier, Manetti,

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Defending Africa or Defending an Industrial Development Model in Morocco by taking the example of Great Britain, is to have on our backs the revengeful and the slaughterers Conference / Arena Masters where we were Gladiators fighting for our intellectual survival and our academic rescue. These bludgeoners of novelty and the projection of ideas in the space of reflection and prospection did not want to admit the limit of their own existences as a claimant to the possession of knowledge and could not have the human courage and the individual honesty for and to recognize their dark ignorances.

This drowning in the absolute of ignorance was conveyed by their search to have the upper hand in order to possess this mental comfort of having North African Students still engulfed in the notion of the “Béni Oui Oui” and the followers of the model of neo-colonial metropolitan modernization that feeds their bellies and fills their wallets and does not accept any alternatives or proposals other than those on which they build their pseudo-knowledge and the basis of their knowledge on the repression of new ideas that are binding and competing their decline by novelty and creativity that time and fate could only confirm.

Inside the building of the Institut d’Etudes Politiques SciencesPo de Grenbole, walking along the corridor starting from the entrance facing the Diderot university restaurant of the CROUS and at the back on the right just before the rear exit which leads to the car park and the University Library, on the right were the rooms for the practical work and in one of these rooms the outrage happened to make me repeat the year just for having dared to present and defend the conclusion of my research which is to say that it is China which is and would be the example of economic development that African countries and the rest of the Third World countries should embrace and adopt for their own economic take-off and to adapt Chinese strategies aimed at poverty reduction and stimulation of social progress and this through an orientation of constructive and developmental socialism and this was by no means the first or the last time that I suffered the wrath of the teachers “backward,fascists and racists” who wore progressive and left-wing thinkers just to occupy lucrative positions and not out of ideological or humanist conviction.

It was necessary to overcome these obstacles to reach the higher level of the DEA to finally find and rub shoulders with the true masters of thought and application of socio-human principles such as my research directors and appointed Professors who facilitated the intellectual development, the success of their disciples and their students: Ian Dessau, Yves Barel, Debernis, Freyssinet, Judee, Palloix and others whose ethical spirit and integrity worthy of all and eternal recognition and praise I salute.

The Turn of Wheel of Chines Destiny as Response to the French Antagonistic against Said El Mansour Cherkaoui

Destiny of Goodness will always be the driving force of the Good Minds and Good Actions in this existence.

My suffering in 1977 and 1978, years later, were rewarded first in 1994 and second in 2003 and 2004 by an invitation by the Government of China to provide consulting and advisory services to the dignitairies, officiels, leaders and business people of State of Yunnan, City of Beijing, including the Vice-Mayor Mr. Liu, the City of Shanghai and the State of Dalian and the State of Guiyang.

In the United States in the mid-1990s, for Chinese dignitaries, executives and officials, I organized their commercial and business visits to the San Francisco Bay Area and provided them with consulting services and training in international business development.

Meanwhile, twenty years ago, a British organization and publisher in London asked me to conduct research on telecommunications and technological development in China.

Said E. Cherkaoui Research on China Technology and Mobile Communication Published in London, Great Britain – August 2001

In this research work, I have highlighted the direct and ambivalent relationship of the pivotal role of the Chinese state in the direct development of technology in China.

China – Said El Mansour CherkaouiContinue reading

Mao Tse Tung: You are Complete Man when you Stand on this Wall

Given the way how I treated the members of the Chinese Delegation during their visits in Northern California, they insisted to have me leading the visit of the East Bay Center for International Trade Development in China. The Authorities of China were happy about my visit to China that they surprised me with an event and action I will never forget in all my life. They did not tell me anything and in early the morning, they wake me up and told me to come with them and ask me to dress warmly. They did not ask the other American Individual who was the Director of the East Bay Center for International Trade Development that I brought with me to China.

So, too many unusual cascade of new happenings are facing me here which prompt me to really think and question myself about what was going on here or taking place or where all this going to?

They rush me to a kind of Semi-Jeep – Semi-truck vehicle that we can imagine coming out directly from the ex-soviet union state members which I have seen in Eastern Germany and during the training we had with the Moroccan National and Pre-Olympic Team of Handball in Romania in the early seventies.

Normally since I arrived to China for my transportation, they used limousine or Sedan car. The sight of this kind of Jeep – SUV tank was not really giving me any other answer other that this is going to be a roll coaster ride or some kind of Safari in the East and the Middle of Asian China.

This Willys Jeep reminded me the style of the all heavy-duty metal built Willys Jeep that my father used to own following the departure of the American troops from Morocco. Beside this nice memory, during my time in China,

This Willys Jeep was almost foldable and with my Father, we have crossed many mountains and valleys around the Atlas Mountains with this unbreakable and easy to fix military square jeep.

But knowing the Chinese familiar manners, ways and means of approaches that are natural without too much protocol with hidden agenda; despite the business and consulting relationship, they remind me of the various attitudes and behaviors of the members of my own Berber / Amazigh and Native family and tribe in Morocco, which means, no question asked, you are in good hands, just take easy and go with the flow.

Encre de Chine, Mémoire Attachante, 1977

China and Said El Mansour Cherkaoui

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have an interest in the corresponding subjects.

Said El Mansour Cherkaoui, Ph.D.

Technology to Strengthen….

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Dr. Said El Mansour Cherkaoui invited by the Government of China to give seminars on the International Development of Chinese Companies _

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China – Said El Mansour Cherkaoui

Text in French with Translation in English In France, when I was …  Continue reading

International Trade and Sciences Fair at Milvia Community College – Berkeley – California

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Tom Bates – Dr. Said El Mansour Cherkaoui – Executive at the Port of Oakland, California

Hommage a mon Auguste Professeur, Mr. Pierre Rondot – ★ CHR🌐NIQUE 🌎 CHERKA🌐UI ★


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Said El Mansour Cherkaoui, Ph.D. TRIBUTE to Mr. PIERRE RONDOT
Institute of Political Studies – Sciences Po Grenoble, University Domain, Saint – Martin-d’Hères
Former Colonel of the French Secret Services, present in the Middle East during negotiations on The  Sykes – Picot Accords  signed in 1916 by  France  and Britain the accord – known in  France  as the ‘Cambon-Grey accord’


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