This article is the blatant proof that some managers working to promote Morocco, such as within Morocco Now Campaign at the international level trying to present its existing potentials, skills and opportunities for the sake to attract foreign companies, foreign investors and foreign academic or social institutions. Morocco spends millions to build an image of excellence in attractivity and attractiveness hoping such foreign capital will help reduce unemployment, increase job creation, transfer know-how, raise the standard of living of citizens.

Imagine then that all its laudable efforts do not take the expected direction nor are carried by competent officials and seasoned and experienced professionals in corresponding areas of Marketing, brand definition and in the strategic enhancement of Morocco’s position on the international scene.

The expectations of Moroccan State are legitimate given that the expenses which are made at the international level are heavy in sum and in impact on the returns received by Morocco.  Payments paid by Morocco for the services of foreign companies of Public Relation, International Marketing and Consulting Firms are made with rates applied on the spot and in addition are made in the national currency of the country where these companies offer their services. A direct impact on the balance of payments and on the convertibility rate of the Dirham may result from these payment transfers.

Considering all these issues, the imperatives and the challenges facing Morocco at the global level are first the multiple repercussions at the intangible and material level. Building the foundations of economic development and growth in the liberal sense seek foreign participation as the conduit toward integration in the global marketplace and to the network of foreign financial institutions. Within such frame, it is quite normal to have a top-level decision-makers for such international communication and PR about Morocco. They have to be up to the task and know the international terrain that will enable them to sail the vessel Made in Morocco and Morocco Now as Innovative and efficient Leaders on board, knowing effectively the direction and the objective – destination of all these maneuvers to make this Moroccan vessel arrive safely and to make it a proof of the prowess and the skill and the potentialities that can challenge its competitors as well as organizations of all kinds potentially interested in Morocco as a commercial partner, as a production or investment location or as a destination to visit and to know at the cultural and social levels.

This campaign conducted at Dubai   Morocco Expo 2020 Dubai and the film promoting the launch of  Morocco Now both in Dubai and New York needs to convey the considerations aforementioned, unfortunately, they did not and I am not the only one to underline it or to take note it.  

The group presenting this promotion campaign on Morocco in Dubai and Morocco when asked about the impact of these two special promotions and especially how the choice of New York was made, their responses and reactions are led through a bombardment by their friends of the media sites by judicious attempts in camouflage in a sheet of prestige and national pride by highlighting and questioning the meaning of patriotism and nationalism to those who dare to ask them such questions. ★

These friends have coincidentally designated Times Square by the name of Time Square, showing their aptitudes at copying themselves and between themselves and demonstrating their glaring lack of knowledge of the field and New York as Marketplace .

This article takes a look at such actions and reveals the ineptitude and incompetence of some of our managers, so-called Professionals.  

These officials who, once unmasked / and try to question our nationalism and our patriotism, wall themselves in their inability to understand our interrogations and our questions and given their weakness they opted for the ultimate maneuvers which confirm their skipping, evading the core of their own professional responsibilities by exiting through by the door from behind, the Emergency exit. They could not face the reality of the incoherence and incompetent actions.

I let you to follow the course and the trajectory of such behavior of a Director of Communication and PR Mrs. Sahar Tlemsani Maghraoui who abruptly canceled her account on LinkedIn when she or one of her superiors realized that their practices have flaws and gaps and that they could not overcome by bogus explanations as they and she faced the common people in Morocco.

Their manipulation was faced with the competence wall of my questions and my interrogations which have only one goal, it is to return to the Moroccan what belongs to Morocco.

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Morocco Now: Où sont  les Pro du Métier?

Cet article est la preuve flagrante que certains responsables de la renommée que le Maroc devrait acquérir à l’étranger et au niveau international et cela en tant que pays plein de compétences et de potentiel tant pour son propre développement que pour ces compagnies, ces investisseurs et ces institutions académiques ou sociales que le Maroc dépense des millions pour les faire venir au Maroc espérant … Continue reading Morocco Now: Où sont  les Pro du Métier? GLOBAL LEVERAGE

★ Morocco Now Inflates Energy and Spends Money Without Considering Reality ★

★ Another Gaffe Full of Exaggeration and Inflating the Share of Renewable Energy in Morocco ★

Morocco Now 19,005 followers 1d • 1 day ago Morocco Now, Sustainable

A strategic vision, and swift progress in decarbonizing the industry!

Morocco Now, the future-proof platform to capture opportunities in a changing world.


#Sustainable #Competitive #WellProven #Agile

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Dr Said GUEMRA 2nd degree connection 2nd Expert Conseil en Management de l’Energie 4.0 1d To my knowledge, the share of renewable energies in 2020 in the Moroccan energy mix is ​​17.8%, I do not see where 37% comes from in the energy mix in 2020. The installed capacity in renewables was 31.7% of the total installed capacity excluding step. If we are talking about the electricity mix, we must say 17.8% in 2020, and not 37%.

Soufiane ELMAAZOUZI out of network 3rd +Ingénieur Chargé d’affaires fluides 13h Greetings sir said, you explained well Like like 1 Reply

said LEFRERE 2nd degree connection 2ndIngénieur Génie climatique -Groupe ARTELIA 3pm You are very nice, but you should not start to salt the image of “Morocco Now” by sharing such a completely erroneous statement.
Either the rate indicated or the term “Energy Mix” should be edited. Like like  2

Dr Said GUEMRA 2nd degree connection 2nd Expert Conseil en Management de l’Energie 4.0 2pm Perfectly. it was necessary to come out with figures corresponding to reality. In this area there is the electricity mix which is 17.8%, and the energy mix (in primary energy) which is 8.2% in 2020. I do not know what mix is ​​talking about this publication which does not help this. beautiful image that we want to give: Morocco Now. ONEE’s balance sheet is public, and nothing can be hidden or inflated

Said El Mansour Cherkaoui, Ph.D. You★ Consultant ★ International Supply Chain ★ Organizational Management ★ Entrepreneurial Planning ★ United States of America ★ France ★ Morocco ★ China ★ Sub-Saharan Africa ★


Morocco Now Inflates Energy and Spends Money Without Considering Reality

Another Gaffe Full of Exaggeration and Inflating the Share of Renewable Energy in Morocco

I don’t know why, those responsible for this good initiative that is Morocco Now, make a fool of it and have a bad performance and worse, there is a sense of wanting to sing faster than the music and to run faster than the authentic lifestyle

The worst is when we show them that the reality is quite different, they play you the card of patriotism and nationalism which becomes exhausting and stupid or they shirk and disappear completely from circulation, read this completely. article that I wrote for this purpose below and which describes this voluntary lack of professionalism and integrity on the part of Morocco Now.


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Thanks to all the transport and logistics mega projects achieved, Morocco is leading the infrastructure ranking in Africa.
Learn more at


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Said El Mansour Cherkaoui, Ph.D. You★ Consultant ★ International Supply Chain ★ Organizational Management ★ Entrepreneurial Planning ★ United States of America ★ France ★ Morocco ★ China ★ Sub-Saharan Africa ★

Morocco Now

Vous présentez et vous tentez de mettre en relief l’infrastructure du Maroc mais vous omettez de bâtir une structure structurée de l’infrastructure:  le Chasseur Chassé

A picture is worth 1000 words

and in the case of Morocco who is still confused with Monaco

Make A picture of Morocco that is worth and is an expression of 1000 and 1000 years of civilization.

The Map should be clearer.  Needs better picture for such promo and for international level of quality

There is harsh competition around the world just for looking good and where the first impression is the one that wins. 

In addition with all these generic and stereotyping trends, it is better not to give them the chance to expand.

At any cost do not make Morocco to look in a FUZZY PICTURE LIKE THE ONE HERE with no quality presentation.

En plus, dans cette carte, on ne peut déchiffrer ni les noms des sites ni les liaisons de la logistique des transports.

Said El Mansour Cherkaoui, Ph.D.
Global Center for Trade ★ GLOCENTRA
American Institute of Entrepreneurship in Africa
Oakland Chronicle

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