Africa Destiny: Food Sovereignty Versus Food Security and Military Security

Equation of Food Sovereignty Versus Food Security and Military Security Policy

“Food sovereignty is the right of peoples to healthy and culturally appropriate food produced through ecologically sound and sustainable methods, and their right to define their own food and agriculture systems.

The National Security Strategy (NSS) seeks sovereign African states that are integrated into the world economy, able to provide for their citizens’ needs, and capable of managing threats to peace and security.

In Africa, Food Sovereignty Prevails Securitaire Policy. Hunger has always been the Sparks that Ignite Fire in Dry Hills. 

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Military Build-up to Fight Insurgency without Social Balancing Progress and Commitment leads to Tyranny and Institutional Dislocation that Replicate the Terror Fought as Reason for Military Security Policy and Leadership.

These strategic moves based on responding to terror threats end up creating and justifying institutionalized terror without changing the determination and the forces driving the emergence and the duplication of insurgent terror.

This approach is equivalent to the symbol of the Western concept of pharmaceutical remedy and therapy:  A snake enrolled on the fountain.   Killing poison with poison but the problem remains the pollution and the desecration of the water that will poison the entire population not just the cure and the neutralization of the identified and isolated source of poison.

Military Policy and Security Strategy can only be for short-term goals while the objective is to protect the rights of the Citizens against the threat of terror external contamination.  African Leaders tend to apply Westernized Strategies given the origin of the weapons and the Intelligence Know-how and the Intelligent Knowledge base that they transfer to the Military-bureaucratic institutions, facilitating the creation of a military state within the Institutional and Representative Central States.

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Any democratic move whatever its inner level of legitimacy and quality in terms of authenticity and durability, within the socio-political and the techno-military-bureaucratic structures, remains an electoral justification of an Elite Civilian Power sitting at the same time on the edge of two rocking chairs and two ejectable coaches that are floating on water polluted with poison.  

Any move is the slide to hell and drowning in authoritarian regimes that present themselves as corrective nationalistic driven movement and reincarnation of forces of stability and integrity. The Military Regime ends up having Too Many Helmets to carry and jingle with just to cover their head when they are entering new fields of governance that need to be first Good Governance according to the Western-born and raised Strategy of Sustained Development.  

The civilian government and the military rebellious both with the same denominator which is that both are the result of foreign-born and imported strategies and also given that both have the role to maintain the social movements and their representatives in a balance of their respective weaknesses.

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