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Morocco Made Automotive Drives and Strives

October Month World-Class Executive

Nassim Belkhayat is an Active Member of the World-Class EcoSystem with his Innovative 100% Moroccan Driving Machine NEO MOTORS; he is also One of our First Member at our Group: African Moroccan Diaspora: World Class Executives.

Proud to count Nassim Belkhayat among peers and acquaintances of African Moroccan Diaspora: World Class Executives.

In the Name of our Group and moroccodigitall.com News Report Staff, we address to you our Congratulations for your continual progress and achievement toward reaching the peak of success for the Automobile Marocana “NEO MOTORS” MADE IN MOROCCO

Automotive Industry: Regional Versus International Strategy

N.B.: Frontpage picture of the Blue Car in the First Floor Parking taken by Said El Mansour Cherkaoui The continual globalization of the automotive industry is actually tested by internal and multipolar competition as well as international reconfiguration of the relationship between North and Southern economies imposing the selection of models that are low-cost models, competitively priced, produced in large scale and closer to the market of their final demands. … Continue reading

MAN Genius and NAMX HydroGenius

Said El Mansour Cherkaoui  6 months ago 7 min read more at this:

MAN Genius and NAMX HydroGenius

Editor Desk 🌎 Update and Initial Publications: 11/24/2022 – 7/12/2022 – 6/8/2022 – 5/30/2022 🌍 ★ Analyst World … Continue reading MAN Genius and NAMX HydroGenius


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Walk Baby Walk on the Wild Side of the Street that Never Sleeps
Walk and Talk Baby Next will be NamX driving Broadway
Walk Baby Walk on the Bitumen Talk to Get Tunes Men
Don’t Just Hit the Road Jack Hit the Road Najah
Come Back Again when the Answer is in the Wind
Drive From New York to Frisco Bay
While Singing I Did it My Way
Here I come Here I Go, I Got You Baby Under my Skin
I Got you Happy and I Got You Baby like my Dream
Rock the Casbah from the Land of Renault to Fremont
Roll over Beethoven I am Driving the Clouds from Morocco to California Land
Go Faouzi Go Faouzi Go Go Be Good

by Said El Mansour Cherkaoui


Faouzi ANNAJAH • 1st• 1st CEO & Founder at NamXCEO & Founder at NamX

6mo • up to today 5/16/2023 •

Next level 🇺🇸
CapX innovation in NYC.
NamX is more than a car company… See you later for the next milestones.
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Said El Mansour Cherkaoui Publications on NamX

A series of articles and analyzes on the continual globalization of the automotive industry which is tested by internal and multipolar competition as well as international imposing the is looking not only for new outlets but above all for new production methods, new locations and other supplies and a dowser by equipment manufacturers. This new composition of the automobile industry was and continues to be guided by the realization of productions relatively less expensive and more competitive than the international scales.

Thus globalization and the integration of advanced robotic production techniques have allowed the relocation of car manufacturing companies without having to adapt to the cultural environment or the local operational conditions or even the degree of development of the place, region and country where the car producers settled.

The profit margin achieved is increased by the reduction of wage costs, the rolling of the rights and social benefits given to the workers are supplemented by favors and facilities granted by the host country which play the role of magnet of attraction for the automobile manufacturers.

The second challenge is internal and specific to the emergence of electric cars which have managed to establish themselves as a serious alternative to traditional models using gasoline or diesel as fuel. Thus, the global automotive industry is currently distinguished by an international and national strategy characterized by change and continuity


Une série d’articles et d’analyses sur la globalisation continuelle de l’industrie automobile qui est mise à l’épreuve par une concurrence interne et multipolaire ainsi que internationale imposant la recherche non seulement de nouveaux débouchés mais surtout de nouvelles méthodes de productions, de nouvelles localisations et autres approvisionnement et un sourcier par des équipementiers. Cette composition nouvelle de l’industrie automobile fut et continue d’etre guidée par la réalisation de productions relativement moins coûteuses et plus compétitive que les barèmes internationaux.

Ainsi la globalisation et l’intégration de techniques robotiques avancées de production ont permis la relocalisation des entreprises de fabrication de voitures et cela sans avoir a s’adapter a l’environnement culturel ou les conditions locales opérationnelles ou même le degré de développement du lieu, de la région et du pays ou s’installaient les producteurs de voitures.

La marge de profit réalisée est accrue par la réduction des coûts salariaux, le laminage des droits et des bénéfices sociaux accordés aux travailleurs sont complétés par des faveurs et des facilités octroyées par le pays hôte qui jouent le rôle d’aimant d’attractivité pour les constructeurs d’automobile.

Le second défi est d’ordre interne et propre a l’Émergence de voitures électriques qui sont arrives a s’imposer comme une alternative sérieuse aux modèles traditionnels utilisant l’essence ou le diesel comme carburant. Ainsi, l’industrie automobile global se distingue actuellement par une stratégie internationale et nationale caractérisée par le changement et la continuité

Tesla’s tactic of pruning back prices this year is beginning to bear fruit. The electric vehicle maker enjoyed a five percent sales increase in the first quarter and delivered a record 422,875 vehicles, which was just below Wall Street’s estimates. The company has addressed the long waits — typically driven by limited production capabilities — that have often marked the buying experience by ramping up outputs at plants in Austin, Texas, and in Germany. Still, some analysts are concerned about whether Tesla can maintain the growth without further price cuts.

  • Tesla’s first quarter deliveries represent a 36% increase compared to the same period last year and 4% more than its previous quarter. Its previous delivery record was roughly 405,000 cars in one quarter.
  • Tesla recently issued a recall for 35 of its electric Semis over a faulty parking brake.
  • The company is also facing a probe from the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration over malfunctioning seat belts.
  • Tesla shares fell as much as 5% Monday morning.

Trilogie sur un Quadricycle: Citroën Ami au Maroc

Présentation d’une trilogie que j’ai rédigé et traduit aussi en Français sur ce Tricycle – Auto Citroën Ami Citroën Ami…

Citroën Ami in USA: Quadricycle ou EV?

En tant que Nord-Américain, il y a quelque chose à propos de la Citroën Ami qui n’a tout simplement pas de sens. Pourquoi avoir un véhicule qui n’est pas assez grand pour faire des choses en voiture et qui n’est pas assez petit pour faire des choses à vélo ? Tout le monde, cependant, comprend les … Continuer de lire

No Ami No Ennemi Just Profit: Citroën Ami more Expensive in Morocco than France ?

 Citroën Ami for Postal Workers  June 14, 2022 – Said El Mansour Cherkaoui, Ph.D.  Le Changement dans la Continuité du… JUN 15, 2022

Citroën Ami for Postal Workers

No Ami No Ennemi Just Profit: Citroën Ami more Expensive in Morocco than France ? I am your Friend in… JUN 14, 2022 

Renault Digital

Renault Group1,083,410 followers • Renault Digital organized last week at Viva Technology the “DIY #Robocars France-Grand Prix Renault Digital”: a unique tournament with autonomous scale-model cars. … Continue reading

Renault Digital Calculated Moves with Qualcomm

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 June 6, 2022  admin – Renault Tanger Med : Gagner la partie sur la route du Maroc Internationalisation de…

Invest in Morocco – Renault

Investing in Morocco – Opportunities for growth and a dynamic environment to do business Bridge to Europe, Bridge to Europe, Gateway to Africa, Gateway to Africa and the Door to the Mediterranean Portal for the Mediterranean and Window to the Atlantic. To find out more Morocco Initially, there was the Emergence Plan, initiated following … Lire la suite « Invest in Morocco – Renault »

Morocco – Auto-mobility – Digitech – Logistics

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Tesla Motors

 April 2, 2022 admin Said El Mansour Cherkaoui Publications on Tesla Tesla Transfermotion Mis en avant Tesla Global Car…

Le Maroc Numérique et l’Intégration Régionale et Internationale

 March 1, 2022  admin – Published on January 16, 2018 Edit article View stats Said El Mansour Cherkaoui, Ph.D.★…

Tesla Model Y & Model 3

Tesla Top Made in USA


For the first time since 1931, G.M. has been outsold in the U.S. by Toyota. Both companies sold over two million vehicles.

BMW Robotechuman Assembly Line

An assembly line is a production process that breaks the manufacture of a good into steps that are completed in a pre-defined sequence. Assembly lines are the most commonly used method in the mass production of products. They reduce labor costs because unskilled workers are trained to perform specific tasks.

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