Dossier: Eurozone, Money, Inflation and European Central Bank

  • Inflation in the OECD rises further in May 2022, reaching 9.6%, driven by food / energy surge of prices while being initiated by past erroneous measures and decisions introduced by the Monetary Authorities of the European Commission and the European Central Bank.
  • This represents the sharpest price increase since August 1988.
  • Federal Reserve Board – Interest Rate and Dollar
  • European Central Bank – Euro down in Front of the Dollar
  • Moscow Exchange and Ruble Up against Dollar and Euro

European Union and Russian Oil Embargo !

European Commission 7/10/2022 Russia is deliberately weaponizing the gas trade.   They aim to spread uncertainty and destabilize the European market. 12 EU countries are already directly affected by a partial or total cut-off of Russian gas.   Filling our gas storage capacities before this winter can help us prepare for possible further gas supply disruptions and … Continue Reading →