November 29, 2022

United States of America

Economist puts recession risk at 80%

LinkedIn News – 9/23/2022

There is an 80% chance the U.S. will fall into a recession, according to Johns Hopkins University’s Steve Hanke, who blames the Federal Reserve for “exploding” the money supply. The central bank’s failure to manage inflation by carefully reducing the amount of money it poured into the economy during the pandemic has seen supply slow too suddenly, says Hanke, who predicts a recession in 2023. His comments come as a September CNBC survey of economists, fund managers and strategists put the chance of the U.S. slipping in recession over the next year at 52%.

  • The Fed raised rates again this week, opting for a hike of 0.75 percentage points for the third straight month in a bid to tackle rampant inflation.


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